i need help with my lazy, filthy, obnoxious roomies

moony239August 18, 2008


i live in THE nastiest apartment in my complex. okay, that might not be true, but it's close. i don't know what these boys were doing prior to my living there, but the place is an ungodly nightmare. i'm afraid to clean up because i know nobody will care and the place will be disgusting again in a day or two, if that.

the carpets are moldy - i'm getting them replaced, though. but that's not the worst of it. NOBODY PICKS UP AFTER HIMSELF. they don't seem to care that there is no place to sit that isn't nasty, filmy, and smelly. they don't seem to care that there are puncture holes in the walls, or that fruit flies call our kitchen home. nobody picks up after himself, so crap is strewn everywhere. in fact, for a long time we had a broken pool table that i had to argue over for weeks to get rid of because one of my roommates wanted to keep it FOR BEER PONG. I DO NOT WANT BEER PONG PLAYED IN MY APARTMENT.

what i'd really like is a whole new set of roommates, preferably obsessive-compulsive neatfreaks who can't stand the sight of one lone hair resting on the counter, but since i know that's a pipe dream, so i was wondering: WHAT can i do to get these guys to help me out? i feel like a slave to filth.

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Are you on the lease? If not, leave. There have to be better people out there looking for roommates.
Why did you move in in the first place? Didn't you meet them to see what the place was like?

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You're not going to change them (beyond one day of their feeling guilty maybe), so your choice is to stay and stop nagging, or to leave.

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Did you not know these guys before you moved in? Did you not see the apartment before you moved in? Why did you move in with them?

If your name isn't on the lease get out before something starts growing on you. ewwhhh

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I agree, don't even try to change them. When I was 18 I moved out of my parents house into an apartment with a girl I hardly knew from work. BIG MISTAKE! She was a slob and didn't mind a stinky atmosphere. Gross...I am a very clean person. I walk into my house and if it's dirty in any spot, I go right to the cleaning cabinet! No joke! Anyway, she would leave alfredo sauce in the sink until it rotted, she'd leave popcorn and half empty glasses in her room, destroy the bathroom (Which made me resort to using the 1/2 bath as my own) and much much more. I tried nagging at first, which just ticked her off. Then I tried STOPPING cleaning which just made a huge mess for me to clean up, then finally I talked to the LL about her and asked if there was anything I could do. She was a lawyer and told me that if it was becoming inhabitable with her, to tell her that she needed to get her act together or I was going to move out and leave her with the rent and utilities on her own. Yes, bail on her. She didn't understand the law about leases or anything like that. I was the one in charge of the bills and collecting money from her. One lump sum usually and it was ALWAYS about two weeks to a month late. She cleaned up her act for about a week and a half, then one day I came home from work and ALL of her stuff was gone. She had moved out! I was super happy with that! The LL took her to court for bailing on the lease and hopefully she has learned her lesson.

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