Basement flooring question

peeka73March 20, 2013

Hello all,

Last Nov I had an interior perimeter drain installed in the basement and prior to that, asbestos tiles abatement. The abatement company had a very difficult time removing the mastic, none of the removal solutions worked, and they had to use a cutting tool to remove all the mastic by the perimeter of the wall. There are still patches that weren't fully removed. They sealed the surface of the mastic, but there is no way that mastic will come apart without power tools.

I am looking to add flooring to the concrete. My contractor suggests putting laminate with a good layer of underlayment. Other friends tell me I need a subfloor. In my case, there are sections of the floor that have patches of mastic. They aren't thick, but they are not smooth. I looked up dricore, and it seems it requires a level ground. What are my options?


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An experienced installer will use a self-levelling compound to blend the mastic height. Then you can roll out Delta FL and place resin-core laminate directly on the Delta product.

Here is a link that might be useful: Using Delta FL in basement under laminate (Video)

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Thank you for your suggestion. I guess using laminate with just an underlayment is not going to work? I'll check with my contractor to see how much that may cost.

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The Delta FL is an underlayment. It retails for $63.00 per 105 sf in Toronto, probably less in the US.

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