Holes in concrete

nitekramMarch 31, 2008

I resently pulled up my basement carpet only to find tiles on the concrete - no big deal as they were easy to remove, but what I found I have never seen before. On one wall someone had drilled holes through both the tiles and the concrete and plugged the holes with corks. These holes run about 14 feet and are drilled about every 12 inches. I am not sure what they were used for and would like to know if any one has an idea.

Also in the corner on the same wall - I found a damp spot that was dry before.

Can someone give me some ideas on how to proceed.

I just bought this house 2.5 years ago and feel like something was not disclosed.

Thanks for your help

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Could be for a termite treatment, though the holes should have been filled with mortar. (If so, there should be holes around the entire perimeter.)

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SOunds like someone started to waterproof the basement and never finished.

The PorchGuy

Here is a link that might be useful: My Album

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Same deal here -- holes with corks in them in my concrete basement. From what I know about my house, I'm guessing that they date from sometime between the mid fifties, when the house was built, and the early sixties.

The home inspector noticed them when we bought the place a few years ago, and thought they were harmless, but recommended filling them if we resold to avoid raising any suspicions with prospective buyers.

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