Ceiling Tile Recommendations???

dzd9fyMarch 18, 2008

I am looking at using the Ceiling Link system in our basement and was wondering what tiles people have chosen and why. The basement will have a finished height of 6-9, except where I need to box in duct work and such. For what it is worth the house was built in 1951 and I will be installing probably 900 sq ft between the main area, a study and a bathroom.

Maybe is it is just the stores in my area, but it is suprising there is not a better display of the tiles out there to give you an idea of what it will really look like in the various styles. Lowe's has single tiles at least with some light shining on them, but not as you would see in a real installed position. HD has some on display, poor lighting and more open boxes of damaged material than anything. Have not yet ventured to Menards as it is about and hour away.... Thanks!

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I always wondered, if on the cheap, one could not cut a 4 X 8 sheet of drywall into 8 2x2 tiles...sure would be cheap!

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I like that.

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Using drywall squares does sound like a cost effective solution - but is there a weight issue?

I am planning to use a track system to hold the tiles in place. I am not sure these tracks would hold up the many sheets of drywall (cut into tiles) needed to cover my ceiling.


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my home depot used to sell 1/4" drywall...should be light...sound issues are another story I guess...

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