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wgncMarch 3, 2007

We are currently remodeling the interior of our house and replacing all of the hollow-core doors with 6-panel solid wood doors (painted white). We are at a crossroads when it comes to the door leading to the garage/basement.

Due to the lack of light in the stairwell, we thought it would be nice to have a frosted glass door. This would also help when you come upstairs, knowing if someone is in the hall at the top of the stairs rather than opening the door and knocking into them.

The con to this is that the stairwell is dark and dumps into our dingy garage (we will eventually drywall the stairwell and will open it into the basement). The stairs also have an ugly green carpet which we can't afford to replace until a basement remodel a few years down the road. Do we want a frosted glass door when the stairwell will be dark and uninviting from upstairs?

I guess we just want opinions. Does anyone have a glass door? Is it unsafe (what if someone stumbled into it and then fell through it down the stairs? Am I being overly cautious?)? Does it look good from the main level of the house? Does it provide extra light to the stairwell?

We will eventually renovate the basement downstairs, but that may not be for a few years. However, we want to go ahead and put in a door NOW that will match our basement reno that we'll do LATER.

Thanks in advance!

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You will want to check fire codes. I don't think glass doors are allowed between house and garage in most locales.

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Good thought - thank you! :)

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I have seen many houses with glass on that door. I personally like my steel door. I feel safe.

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That is another good point georgiapoollover - Thanks!
Although now that I think of it, the house has had a hollow core basement door and front door since it was built in the 60s. (Talk about feeling unsafe! Replacing the front door was the FIRST thing we did when we moved in!)

So what about getting a steel exterior french door? (If, of course, that meets fire code.) Maybe I'm too concerned with the asthetics of it and should be thinking more along the line of safety...

:) Wendy

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Fire-rated glass doors are readily available. I installed several with the wired-glass. Now, you can get it without the wire too.

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