Music Toys???

jasfindMarch 25, 2012

Hi. In the photos you see a typewriter. But it's not. It plays like a piano when you hit the keys. Weird,why not teach the kid to type.Name "Typatune"

Next is a kids pump organ. Maker Asley organ corp. brattleboro Vt..

Were pump organd for kids common?Any thoughts. Thank you


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Sorry ,I think the pump organ's name is Esley

Here is a link that might be useful: photobucket

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It's an Estey....
At one time many many homes had a pump reed organ in the parlor......and I knew someone who had a kid's model! I thought it was wonderful!!!!
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: Estey

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Homes with better than average income had pump organs. A working pump organ toy would have been beyond the means of many families.

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However a parlor organ was within the means of many many families. Back when I first started going to auctions, many farm estate sales had a pump organ to offer....and they weren't "wealthy" people....just wanted music in their home, and I suspect a parlor organ was less expensive than a piano.
I will admit though I saw few child sized organs.

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That's a Estey Child's organ, the smallest model in the catalog, circa 1930-1950.
IIRC, it sold for $19.00
Reed organs were always the cheaper alternative to a piano for lower-income households. As George Bent (proprietor of Crown Organs) put it "You can always get up an organ for 1/3 the cost of a piano", which only served (besides making Mr. Bent a fortune) to drive piano houses to produce inferior instruments to compete.
A children's organ was known from about 1880 onward, as the educational aspect was a great selling point.
Not that there weren't very sophisticated and costly reed organs built for the artistic and professional market, but they were not grandma's parlor organ, either. A Sears "Beckwith" (or Crown) organ could be bought (on time payments) for $25-$75, but a top quality church or studio model (with two manuals and a pedalboard) would set you back $750 to $1000 or more.
This is the most elaborate reed organ ever built:

It is presently valued at $100,000 just based on the cabinetry.

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Hi gals/guys. Thanks for the imput. WOW that's some organ.I can picture a Sunday afternoon,with a child trying to keep up with mom-pop on her mini-organ. Cool picture.
How about the typewriter one. I know it's no big deal,but is does ask why make it play like a piano,and not just a toy typewriter

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