hiding apt size washer

jules_y2kokAugust 13, 2006

have anybody here had to hide s washer from the apt complex? if so how and when did you use it bring it in ect? my parents need one but not aloud in apt building

thank you

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Ummm, you do realize that they risk eviction by bringing in a washer that's not allowed. There's a reason it's not allowed. The rent has a certain amount that is covering the water bill. When they bring in a washer they will be using more water. It would not surprise me if the complex noticed that sudden increase in water usage. Then all they need is an excuse to come into the appartment, maybe they'll say they're doing routine inspections, and once they see the washer your parents will be evicted. Are they really willing to risk eviction just so they don't have to go to the laundromat?

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There is no way to "hide" a washer. Your parents would be risking a lot to bring one in.

I will never understand why some people think the rules don't apply to them. How would you like it if you owned an apartment building and you didn't allow washers and everyone bought one to "hide" anyway?

If the apartment isn't of a type suitable to your parents' needs, then they should move.

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How big is an apartment-sized washing machine? I have never seen one. If it's small enough you could always bring it in in an oversized box....like a box for a large TV. I suggest that you pack it in the box really tight & seal it up.

Once its in the apartment I suggest you hide it in a lockable wardrobe/large cabinet. I also suggest that you use it sparingly so as to not raise suspicion because of water usage.

There are plenty of reasons why someone would want to use their own washing machine.... Like if the person is elderly & cant get up & down stairs well & the laundryroom is way down in the basement. Or the laundry room is just crime-ridden. I have known several friends who's apartment complex's laundry room is broken into all the time & the possiblility of being robbed (or even raped) is real.... even during supposed "safe hours".

And the old "JUST MOVE!" isnt always as practical as you may think.

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aren't there usually code regulations for the sort of drain that's necessary for a washing machine? if a washing machine is used where drainage isn't sufficient, there could be major plumbing problems. might thwart any efforts to hide the actual machine.

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my FIL is a pipefitter--he did work on a building that had horrendous plumbing backups because of someone's individual washer--but none at all when they took it away from her. And they *did* take it away from her, and refuse to renew her lease as well. (they don't have to actually evict you to force you to move)

I know people who have tweaked their kitchen to hide their washer under a hinged flap of countertop (they have fake cabinet fronts in front of it).. But they live in an apt. in which the landlord lets the tenants do decorating and remodeling in the apartments by themselves (he lets them redo the hardwood floors on their own dime, if they want to); bcs it's NYC, people live in apts far longer than they do in other cities, even rentals. These folks have lived there for years, and will live there for several more years. They hang their clothes to dry in the bathroom.

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posted by nctrnl
"How big is an apartment-sized washing machine? I have never seen one."

Here is an example.
http://www3.shopping.com/xPR LG_LG_WM3431HW_Washer_Dryer_Combo

Many aging baby boomers are downsizing and moving from their huge houses into condo's and smaller living quarters. I doubt most of them want to use a common laundry area if they can have one in their suite.

Washer/dryer combos are common in Europe. I don't understand why more landlords don't offer in-suite washer/dryers and charge accordingly for water. Especially considering the points nctrnl raised.

I know several people who live in apartments with laundry facilities, but prefer to go to a public laundromat because of inadequate security or lack of enough machines. One friend has complained more then once about having to carry a large load of laundry down 4 flights of stairs to discover that the only two machines available (in a building with more than 10 units) were already being used. And landlords wonder why they can't keep tenants.

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I agree with you Dreamgarden. My first three apartments didn't have washer/dryer in the units. The second apartment it was only a problem until we told the lady next door to tell her daughter not to take other people's clothes out of the machines. In our thrid apartment we had to go to the laundromat only a few times, and a couple of those were because the machines in our building weren't working.

In our fourth apartment we had a washer and dryer in the unit provided by the complex. I'll never go back. It's tough to go from being used to having your own wahser/dryer to having to share. When shopping for the apartment we currently live in, hookups were a minimum requirement. I didn't even look at apartment that didn't have at least hookups.

The advantage for us in having hookups instead of washer/dryer provided by the complex is that they are OUR appliances, and will go with us when we buy a house. And since the hookups are in a decent sized utility room, we also have room for a freezer. When we get a house we'll only have to get kitchen appliances, and that will be helpful.

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I avoid the surge in water use by using the bath water I soak in for the soapy wash, and than use new water for the rinse, clothes are dirty anyway! It involves using a bucket to haul the water to the machine, but with a small portable machine, such as the Haier, it works out great. Water use is an issue for apts that don't allow machines, but, they also like to make money by putting in washing machines. Those things turn a profit for their service, but in a shady way by not allowing you to have that same service in your own apt. Electricity and water don't cost 1.50$-2.50$ for one wash.

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