Disrespectful Noisy Neighbors

Vicky58August 17, 2012

I was brought up to be respectful of people around me. I can't believe how awful people are these days. I have this snotty little 22 year old living below me. I explained to her when she first moved in that I suffer from migraines. I told her that I am very noise sensitive. Her and her husband used to live in the country. Well,they are the only neighbors in our whole complex that sit outside and make noise on their patio. They enter the house through a screen door that they let wap closed everytime they come home or leave. They slam there glass patio door. They have guests over and the sounds drift up into my kitchen and living room because they hang out and drink on the patio. They keep my daughter awake with their surround sound. I am 54 years old. I think this is very disrespectful. I was young too, but you have to be thoughtful of people living so close together. I asked the girl nicely, if she could hold the screen door when she was closing it instead of letting it wap close. She said, "I could." Very snotty. I don't know what else I am supposed to do about it. I went to the office.The office said, they talked to them. They have been better about it late at night, but the girl constantly does it all day long every hour or so because she smokes. They also bring their two year old out on the porch at 11:00 and 12:00 at night. She is a little screamer. I think she should be in bed at a decent hour like 8:30 at that age. Unbelievable! People need to start writing handbooks on how to raise children because there are some retarded people out in this world. Can someone give me some idea what to do. If I call the cops, they won't get here fast enough to stop the noise because I live in Orlando. It is a very large city. I read that you have a right to have peace and quiet in your living quarters. I read you can issue a lawsuit for irritating noises. I don't want to have to go to that extreme. Help if you can ...thanks.

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Just a follow up note, I am mostly concerned with the wapping bang of the screen door. I am getting so tired of it. I thought I might go rip it off the hinges. But then, I thought better of it. Also, slamming shut a sliding glass door until the building shakes is not acceptable.

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Can you ask the management to check the screen door? On some of them, you can adjust how quickly or slowly the door closes. That might solve the entire problem.

Other than that, all you can really complain about is the noise. Not their child rearing habits.

So document the noise. "11:30 pm Tuesday. Child screaming on patio. Woke me out of a sound sleep." " 5 pm Wednesday. Patio door slammed shut. Picture fell off wall due to shaking." That sort of thing. After you have a week or two of documentation, take that to the management office and ask them what they are going to do about it." If the surround sound is playing after your complex's quiet hours, note that.

It often takes more than one message from management for people to change their habits. It's a habit; it's hard to break. Most people will need to be reminded several times. As far as management knows, you complained once. They spoke to the other tenants. Unless you go back to management to let them know the problem stills exists, management is going to think that the problem is solved. You need to keep feeding information to management, so that they know the extent of the problem.

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Hi, Camlan

Thank you for your suggestions. I don't know, if it will do any good. My Apartment Manager is witchy. She seems to think I am the one with the problem. I received a note on my door today that my lease is up in 10/21/2012 and they aren't going to renew it. I have lived here five years. The note didn't give me a reason why. I have a feeling it is because of the noisy neighbor situation. Today, they were blaring the music one side of me, and the neighbors downstairs had their surround sound blaring underneath me. I saw the father of two of the girls that live next door. I asked him, if he realized that the music was very loud and it was disturbing me. I was trying to fill out some important paperwork and I couldn't think to do it. He said, it was his 21 year old daughter and her girlfriend that are on the lease together. He said, he couldn't do anything. He told me I could call the cops if I wanted to. I told him that I didn't want to do that. I walked to the office but they were closed. I came back and I had a note on my door from the office. A few minutes later, I had the police at my door. The police told me that the people next door told them I was harrassing them by knocking on their door, following the person I talked to, and scoping out their patio. I advised them I wasn't following the guy that I saw him in the parking lot. I also hadn't knocked on their door in over a month. I advised them that they are the ones harrassing me. That they are being noisy and loud. So,I feel like suing this apartment complex because I am a good tenant. I pay my rent every month. They should be worried about the people causing disturbances. I am not the only neighbor that has complained about the people next door.

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Vicky, if the management is taking the side of the noisy people, it's probably best that you move. Otherwise, you will have to continue to live with all that noise.

They've given you plenty of notice that your lease won't be renewed, so start looking now for a new, quieter place to live. Perhaps you can find a single family home to rent, or a duplex, both of which would be quieter than an apartment complex. I'd look for smaller apartment buildings, where there are fewer people and less chance of getting a noisy neighbor.

I've had good luck renting in old houses that have been converted to apartments--the older homes tend to be more sound-proof. Or older duplexes or three-decker homes. They used different building materials back then and sound doesn't travel as well.

If the neighbors are beginning to call the police on you, it's time to get out of there. I'm sorry you are having to deal with all the noise, and now the police and the management not renewing your lease, but there's a good chance you can find someplace better to live.

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Thank you for your good advice. I know they gave me plenty of notice. However, I am unemployed at the time. I live with my daughter, and she only works part-time. I have migraines, fatigue and depression. I am a good person and bad things just keep happening to me. I can't afford to move when I only make 900.00 a month to live on at the time. It is also very hard to get a job right now. I am under a lot of stress. It would cost me almost a thousand dollars to move. I will do it only if it is my last resort. I am going to go talk to the landlord today. The letter didn't even have a reason on it that she wasn't renewing the lease. I am going to see, if I can resolve the matter calmly. Thanks so much for replying to my posts.

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If they're somewhat decent people, they'll give you a reason. But, I bet, they don't have to.

Camlan is always reasonable, and I'd heed the advice about looking for a new place or how the state/city might help you relocate. If your current landlord isn't renewing your lease, there's little choice. Sooner than later, the eviction process is a greater annoyance than screen doors and music.

That's just most cases. Sometimes the landlord changes their mind, and for a variety of reasons.

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