What to do about neighbor?

gbm29August 27, 2010

What to do about a rude neighbor?

My neighbor has 4 kids and is "supposedly" a single mother but has a new boyfriend just about every week. Well here is what she does, she gets up at 7am every morning with her kids and blare her music very loud that it wakes my better half and I up or our 4 year old daughter. When we first moved in and AFTER signing our lease the landlord VERBALLY told us ( this isn't in the lease) that after 7pm every night there is to be no loud noise, or music and there is not to be any laundry being done at this time of night. She said to us that the neighbor has 4 kids and they get up early and go to bed early so we have to abide by the "rule". What about my family and things we need to do?!?Yet I've heard and felt the music through my floor after 7pm at night and have heard her doing laundry (because the washer constantly rocks) and doors being slammed that hard it shakes everything in my living room or where ever they have slammed the door. This is the other problem, lately she's been putting her trashcan under the other neighbors air conditioner and the smell has gone through their house and let alone flies, not to mention there are maggots in the trashcan. The neighbor asked her to move it so she moved it to another neighbors house next door and they complained about it. Now she has moved the maggot filled trashcan to the side of my door, and I have moved it and she keeps putting it back. She "claims" there is no room for her to have it at her outside apartment door that leads to the outside, but in fact there is if she would clean up the crap she don't use, such as the grill and picnic table among other things. I have went to the landlord about all of this and she either replies with " talk to the neighbor about it or give it to God and he will handle it" We have told the neighbor about this and it just doesn't stop and gets worse. All the neighbors have complained about her to the landlord and nothing is being done about it, we are all getting fed up with it and don't know what more to do. Any suggestions on what to do about this?

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Keep bugging the landlord. I know that sounds mean, but the landlord isn't going to do anything until it becomes easier for the landlord to deal with the complaints than to refer the matter to the Deity. This is assuming that you have already spoken to the neighbor and gotten nowhere.

Start documenting each occurrence of noise, washing after hours, and the other problems. Weekly, present them to the landlord. Tell the landlord that "giving this to God" has not solved the problem, nor have your polite requests to have the maggoty trashcan moved, or loud music lowered early in the morning.

Then start looking for a new place, because I doubt this landlord will deal with the problem. (Why landlords refuse to deal with problem tenants and allow the good ones to move out, I will never know.) Show the landlord you are serious about moving--ask what it will take to break the lease. This may be the only way to make the landlord realize that you are serious about moving away from the noise and the mess.

Also, google your state laws on landlord/tenant laws and housing laws. It could be that the trashcan violates some state regulation, what with the maggots and all. Or there may be state requirements for quiet.

And check with your town. There may be noise ordinances in place (in my town, you can get in trouble for excessive noise before 7 am (8 am on weekends) and after 11 pm. There may also be ordinances or bylaws regarding trash. Even if you can't get the landlord to act, sometimes an official visit from the town can stir someone into action.

And I'd stop being nice to the noisy neighbor. I'd still be polite, of course, but I'd stop asking and start telling. "This is our doorway. You cannot keep your trashcan here." "We need you to stop playing your music so loudly before 8 am." Firm, but polite. With an air of expectation that of course she will do this. What's the worst that can happen? Can she play the music any louder?

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All the neighbors have complained about her to the landlord and nothing is being done about it, we are all getting fed up with it and don't know what more to do.

Can you get everyone together to file a joint, written complaint with the LL? Perhaps have each person list issues, someone type it summarized in a single letter, with each party's name at the bottom with their unit number and then have each person with a valid complaint sign it. I really don't get the LL's response, she has an obligation here. Despite my own religious beliefs, if I gave a tenant a response like that it would probably hit the fan. There is usually common language in leases for right to quiet enjoyment and abiding by laws and codes, from local to federal. If that many people are having issues, that's why I suggest the united front. No (reasonable) LL wants to run the risk of losing multiple tenants over one common problem tenant.

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