Is this okay for insulation?

lethargoMarch 20, 2010

I called a few spray foam insultion companies, and got one guy to call me back. He came out and gave us a quote; this is his reccomendation... Spray closed-cell foam half-way down the wall (taking down the fiberglass batts that are inbetween the floor joists above the foundation to spray) 1" thick. He quoted the job at $500, or offered to spray top to bottom for $1000.

I'm at a loss here..sounds like a great price, but I'm concerned it won't do a good job insulating. DH has already put up the studwalls, so attaching XPS would be a PITA. Thoughts?

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I just had closed cell spray foam put in my basement.
Not sure I understand why he would only do 1/2 a wall - that wouldn't work as far as adequate insulation. Depending on the size of your space, $1000 seems a bit low. I paid $1900 for 3" of closed cell applied to 3 walls (24 feet each). We tried doing it on the blank walls which didn't work and ended up spraying after the framing was up. It really is the best (but most expensive) solution for insulating below grade.

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In a 4,000F. heating degree day location, R-5 in the upper half of the basement will cut heat loss from the basement by half, according to Building Science Corp. ( See link.)

But since we don't know your zone or the area covered, it's impossible to know whether this is a fair price or sufficient in itself as insulation.

You should be aware though that is against Code to leave the sprayed foam as is. It must be coated or covered in a fire-rated material.

Here is a link that might be useful: Understanding Basements

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Our basement is roughly 30'x35', and our walls are about 8 or 9' high. We live in northern Kentucky.

E- He only quoted doing 1" thick, so maybe that's a good part of the price difference.

Worthy- I read through your link-a lot of good infomation that I'm just not processing right now. My brain is taking a Sunday.

Also, if I have spray foam put in should I put install things like in-wall speakers before the foam is sprayed or after?

Thanks for the help!

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The International Residential Code, which has been adopted in many US states, requires R-10 continuous or R-13 if placed in interior framing, in basements in Climate Zone 4, which includes most of northern Kentucky.

If you're planning a conventional framed wall interior, spray all the way to the floor. Then just fill the space between with fg batts (or another inch of the foam) and you'll meet the Code. Mount speakers, electrical boxes etc. on the framing. If for some reason you want or need something mounted on the foundation, Tapcon an inch or two thickness of rigid extruded foam on the wall first.

If you go with the inch thickness only, be sure it is consistently at least an inch thick.

Here, where minimum wage is $10.25 an hour, your quote would be cheap.

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