I need help complaining to my landlord. . .

msmith83August 29, 2005

I want to write a letter of complaint to my landlord, but I can't seem to find the right words. Does anyone have any suggestions or know where I could find a template for this? I have a few situations I wish to complain about and I feel a letter is the best way to do this so there is some kind of record of my complaints. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer.

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A lot of folks can help you but we would need to know the details of what you want to complain about.

Also know that unless you send a notarized letter by registered mail, you will have no proof that he even received the mail.

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These are our complaints:

--someone was in the apt. for repair work while we were both out, even after we had expressed that we are not comfortable with people being here while we are gone. We gave them plenty of oppportunity to come in and make the repairs while we were here. This included 2 days of us sitting here all day waiting because they said they'd be here.

--neighbors upstairs are excessively noisy every day and night (running, stomping, jumping, yelling). Honestly, it often sounds like the children are running/stomping *everytime* they move from one place to another. They also frequently slam their front door.

--children play in the front parking lot as well as in the post office parking lot behind the apartment buildings (It is blatantly stated in our rules that children are not to play in the parking lot).

--children play in and run through the hallways, they also sometimes yell (playing and loitering in the hallways and on the stairs are also expressly prohibited in the rules).

--individuals prop the security doors open for their own convenience (I am not referring to individuals who are moving into or out of the building).

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It sounds like there are too many things wrong involving too many different people to realistically expect a fix for most of them. Is there any chance you could afford to move to a different place? You are going to drive yourself nuts trying to control all of these things, and you can't.

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Our lease won't be up for quite a while. I guess, unless we could reasonably get out of it, we're stuck here. I still feel like it would be worth it to write a letter, even if everything can't be resolved. If I write the letter, at least I'd know that the manager knows what's going on.

Thanks for your help.

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If i were to write a note to your landlord, i'd only complain about the repairmen not showing/not calling , but then entering your apartment while you were absent.

I'd list the children playing in the parking lots and the propped open doors as a safety concern (worried about the kids safety, the residents safety).Nothing makes a business more libel than being warned that a safety risk is occuring.

on the kids noise upstairs, have you talked to the parents?

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I would talk to the neighbors, ask them if they'd consider switching to slippers when they come home.

I agree with the other poster, this is a huge list and the landlord can only control the noise level of others so much. Kids are loud.

You may want to consider an owner occupied unit in your next apartment search.

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i think your list is perfectly suited, as is, for a LIST OF GREIVANCES/SAFETY CONCERNS. when you type up two copies, put two signature lines at the bottom and make sure they sign both copies and give one back to you. no harm in trying. i would still attempt to speak with the noisy neighbors.

good luck.

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