willamaeAugust 24, 2009

I had issues with my former upstairs neighbor. He has since moved, but I would PAY to have him move back.

We have a new neighbor. Just some background: We live in a old Victorian home (circa 1900s). My husband and I on the bottom, the new neighbor on the top. There is little to no soundproofing. Her "half" of her space covers our office,bedroom and living room. We can't hear her in the Dining room (where we have been sleeping since she moved in) and kitchen.

The Problem: I understand everyday noise. I get it..fine. You flush a toilet, run water, have guests over once and a while.

But this woman is loud. She walks like she has concrete shoes on. Maybe she is one of those people that walk on their heels?? She starts "the party" thursday night and it keeps going till sunday. She slams everything. Don't get me started on the "gentlemen caller" she had come over at 11:30pm on a sunday night(I thought she was being robbed or worse. I was close to calling the cops.) I could go on and on, but you've all heard it on this forum before. My old neighbor was odd, don't get me wrong but you NEVER heard him walk or slam things.

Basically I've been trying to find earplugs that work. I have plastic ones but they tend to fall out at night. I have pink foam ones that do pretty well, but they fall out at night. I've complained to my LL about this woman, but it seems no change. So, I've decided to tough it out (unless I really flip my lid) until our moving date (may 15th 2010). Any suggestions?

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Why live where you are miserable? Complain to your landlord -EVERYDAY- about the noise. Cite the portions of the lease agreement where it says anything about quiet enjoyment of your home, etc. do whatever you can to get out of the lease, May is a LONG time when you are dreading every single day.

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