Can I move apartments?

crystal1986August 1, 2006

I signed a 1 yr lease at my complex in Feb. Since then I've had nothing good to say about this place. I knew moving in that there would be noise around the pool (my apt looks on to the pool) But I was under the assumption the pool would be close at 10 every night. IT DOESN'T CLOSE!! There are people out there at 1 am screaming and playing and it gets quite annoying. That's not even the half of it. I have some young kids (I say young because they act that way, they actually are the same age as me) that live next to me that BLAST their music. It vibrates my walls and floors (we live upstairs). You can hear it outside on the sidewalk. We have repeatedly asked them to turn the music down and everytime they say sure, they do it for about 5 minutes and it goes right back up. We've also called the leasing office numerous times to ask them to take care of it, we've called the police department late at night and STILL nothing has been done.

I then called today to see if they could move me to another apartment that was quieter and I was informed that they normally don't transfer people to the same size apartments i'd have to upgrade. I DONT WANT TO!! They did say considering the circumstances that I could talk to a manager today. So I'll go talk to a manager.

Before I do this i'd like to know any information I can before going into this so I don't get bullied which I have a feeling will happen.

I'm willing to sign another lease and even pay a little more for another apartment. I just need HELP!!

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Unfortunatly you signd a lease. They could hold you to it no matter what. You could try to fight it in courth BUT at that point its the judgment of a third party who knows the law... and whats leagel and right are two different things.

I would tell them they are not giving you the quiet enjoyment you deserve, and they are allowing other tenants to break apt rules, (if they have any)

Let them know if they do not allow a transfer you will be forced to seek legal advice.

Most likely they will just let you move to avoid more problems.

Ask the manager for his/ her home number so you can contact them when the problem occurs. That way they could hear/ see first hand how bad it is.

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There is something in my lease about noise. I'm not exactly sure what it says because I don't have access to it at the moment but basically there can be disciplinary actions brought apon you if you are being really noisy intentionally. And I would think a radio is intentional. I would NEVER complain about walking to heavy or normal bangs against the wall or door slam. The rap music is DRIVING ME BONKERS

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