Cel Phones & Interference

bbairdAugust 4, 2004

Does anyone know which would be the likely cause of poor reception on my cel phone?

Up until a year ago I had great reception with Verizon Wireless in my aparment. Now, the reception stinks. I'm not the only one. Alll of us with Verizon have this new problem.

At the same time, about a year ago, 2 things happened:

1) 2 T-Mobil towers went up less than 100 yds from our building

2) Our entire building was rewired (the entire inside- each floor, each perimeter) for cable tv

Does anyone know?

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Hello bbaird,

While I am no expert I do have Verizon Wireless and my reception is good just about everywhere including home.

I can say that I doubt it's number 2. Cable TV

As far as T-Mobil goes . . . hmmmm interesting. Have you contacted Verizon Wireless? Seems like if it's not just you then maybe your neighbors could contact them as well. There is a forum call: howardforums.com which is a message board for different cell phones and providors. Maybe you could post your message there. I see a lot of verizon employees posting there.

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Thank you. I'll try that forum.

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