In ground poured bath tub, need info.

drake33tMarch 26, 2014

In ground bathtub poured concrete.... have you done this and can you help?

Yes I would like some help on installing a poured concrete tub, please no stupid comments or reply's leave that for the playground, thanks.

I would like to know how to do this, I am a contractor this is for my house and I don't need to know about digging a hole or if it will drain. I've looked on the net no info that is really in depth.

What I need to know is how thick the walls should be, can I use ready mix, should I use epoxy re-bar, how should i insulate the tub.
Would it be best if i sealed the ground with Blue skin then poured the tub?
If I were to use a roll on Acrylic emulsion or another rubber coating for the inside of the tub would it provide a barrier for heat transfer to the cement, lets face it its a bath not a hot tub so I'm not worried about loss over a long period as if I were to be keeping it hot indefinitely.
Would it be best to use foam insulation on the ground before I pour?
Also I am heating my floor with heating cable could I use this in the tub also? I know its electric though your floor gets wet and if you were standing there same result if there were a problem, that's also why theirs a GFI installed.

My tub will be a 5' corner in ground, 2' deep with a step down and a seat, the sides of the tub will extend 6" above the floor.
The ground is solid clay so I'm thinking this is an amazing base to put a tub in, now I know why my 110 year old home has never shifted.

I would appreciate any useful information on this as I would like to get going asap!!

Thanks Drake

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Drainage is important, and you know that. I would use a water shield as an outer barrier. 2" poly isocyanulate inside that against 4" cinder/concrete block. I used 1/2" radiant tubing inside that and former the inside with mortar. These were mud bath tubs at a spa. 30yrs later they are still going. I am not sure what you would want to use for an internal finish. It would be nice to have a smooth finish. Seems it wouldn't matter in a mud tub, but would in a bathtub. Also, I guess it being outside you will need a cover as well as a cap for the walls.

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