Fire Alarms in Apartments

stevie65August 8, 2006

I live in a large apartment complex with nine buildings. In the building that I live in, there is a prankster who loves to set off the fire alarms every chance they get. It can be during the day, or late at night or early in the morning. All the tenants ignore it because they know it is a false alarm. Management and Corporate have been called on this many times and they always say, "Oh, we will do something about it." Yet, nothing is ever done. I am so afraid to think that one day there just might be a fire and all of us will just ignore the alarms. Who is responsible for this? It has to stop somehow. Putting a camera by the alarms was suggested, even putting covers over them, but management and corporate won't do it.

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You could always involve the police / fire department. I used to be a supervisor in a housing complex and I had to deal with this issue. I worked with the police with setting up cameras and using black-lights to check for the relflective powder on the residents hands. Many states will hand out fines for illegally pulling alarms. We also set up a reward for anyone who gave information that led to the arrest of someone who pulled an alarm.

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HELLO! Our son is attending college in San Francisco. He and a room mate on on the top floor. Two days ago, our son was alone in the apt and taking a shower (read: long shower if I know him at all). When he shut off the shower he heard an alarm going off. Thank Gawd he checked it out. There was a major fire in the middle of the 12 story building.

That said, if there were a prankster causing tenants to become complacent, I don't think my son would have given that alarm a second thought.

This is serious. Remember the squeeky wheel gets the grease and keep squeeking!

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False alarms are a FELONY in htis state. Call up the fire department and se if they will do something.

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Are these being set off on purpose? Someone is pulling them? In my apartment if I cook ANYTHING in the oven (and open the oven door and steam comes out) or saute/fry anything on the stove (not even the least smokey or burned), the fire alarm in my apartment goes off EVERY TIME when there is not the least bit of threat of fire.

I've asked the landlord to move the alarm appropriately so it's not so extremely oversensitive. I've taken to removing the battery while I cook, putting it someplace prominent so I remember to put it back in afterwards. It's a huge nuisance and I can't make normal or reasonable use of my kitchen without disabling it first. Grr.

Just wondering if someone is really setting it off on purpose or if it's not set up correctly in their apartment?

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I think at this point you have to involve the police or fire department, they'll take it as serious you do (and rightly so)

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