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lniaMarch 9, 2014

We are about to embark on finishing our basement. We have been debating hiring an architect and recognize we will probably be better off in the long run doing so. In the meantime, we are debating a few options and would love your thoughts. The biggest disconnect between my husband and I are the storage and size of storage. He believes storage should be immediately accessible upon descent in the basement and I believe in doing so it closes off the basement. Anyway, below are three options we are currently considering. Any insight, feedback would be greatly appreciated. Also, are there informative websites with good design ideas around how to box in furnace area, electrical boxes, etc?


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You have already put lots of thought into your basement space. For that you are to be complimented as too often homeowners begin without a plan and end up with a dysfunctional space. I can't see the dimensions and details in your postings to comment on specifics.

As to storage, I believe you need to consider what will be stored - infrequently used items, large/small, immediate access when needed, surplus household items (e.g. paper towels), etc. You may need more than one location.

In our case, we have a location below the steps where we keep boxes for electronics and items we may want to re-pack. There is a generous closet to store items we might want on short notice plus a kitchen in which we keep infrequently used electric appliances. Finally in an unfinished portion of the basement we have storage shelving for seasonal items that are mostly packed in plastic tubs.

Our basement is primarily entertainment space and designed accordingly so storage is out of sight.

Furnace and equipment need access for service and combustion air. Double-wall the furnace to contain the blower noise. Be certain to provide cold-air return. Think about dehumidification and a drain.

Our basement was DIY and in doing so I gained a tremendous respect for architects because it was necessary that I extensively shop for dimensions of items to insure space was correct. I actually put masking tape on the floor to "live" the space prior to construction and used that to position lighting and other components. Having completed the build about 8 years ago there are very few things I would do differently.

I've linked photos of ours and comments have been included with many of them. You've got a great beginning. Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Basement

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In support of the previous post, I want to reiterate the necessity of having your heating equipment be provided adequate space for service and combustion air.

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Thanks for the feedback. Truly appreciate it.

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