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dipperdandooneyAugust 16, 2010

My upstair neighbors have let their daughter and her 2 year old move in. There are 4 adults and 2 children in a 2 bedroom apartment. The problem is the 2 year old. Her mother allows her to run jump and throw things in the apartment at all hours. The running is not so bad. the jumping however is terrible. The child jumps off things and when she lands where a light fixture is the noise causes us all to jump. We have taken the covers off the lights to reduce the noise. Now the air vents are coming out. Anyway I went up there with the manager after him listening to the noise for a bit to make sure I was not being unreasonable. Come to find out I am not. We went up there and the woman said she is just letting her daughter play I said the running is not the issue the issue is the jumping and throwing things. She said her daughter does not do either. Needless to say she is not suppose to be even there according to the manager they are over the limit and she should not be living there. He advised her she needs to move out. She of course is still there and now the noise is even worse. I have kids of my own they are older now and I have lived upstairs before with them at a young age. I know when they acted up I had them settle down if we say anything to them they get louder. I intend on moving when my lease is up but need advice on how to make it another month. My kids are stressed out and it upsets me as even though they are older they are my babies too.

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Speak to the mgmt again. Nothing will change by talking to the tenants (apparently) and the girl is 2, not someone they can reason with very well! Make it clear to the landlord that your life (and their bldg) are being impacted and you shouldn't have to put up with it.

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If you only have to live with this situation for another month, then turn on some music when the child starts making noise - or the TV or an exhaust fan - or all of them. Possibly your children are stressed out by YOUR reaction to the noise. If you stay calm and ignore it, it might go a long way to changing how they perceive the noise.

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There's really nothing you can do but to ask the mgmt to speak with them until their mom decided to do something about it. @graywings, great advice. I know someone can be very sensitive to noises, if you don't think about it maybe it wouldn't be so annoying.

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I've lived with this problem in the past and would never go through it again. I have sympathy for mothers with exuberant young children, but not when they are stomping like a prussian army directly above my head.

If you know whats good for you then you will look for another place now, before your lease is up. Try to be sure it is either on the top floor or has sufficient sound proofing between walls/floors.

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Yes we have found a new place, a house, to live and will be out at the end of September when our lease is up. Trust me when I say I am the one telling the kids don't let it get to you. We do turn the tv up to drown it out After speaking with the people upstairs the adults began to stomp there feet when they walk so now the noise has gotten worse. We are the bad guys for complaining. I have other neighbors( their friends)letting their dogs run around without leashes and then a neighbor letting her 6 year old daughter walk their pit bull he is twice her weight. She also lets her 3 year old walk the other pit who is not as mean. Oh yes these dogs have gotten lose and they are both males who have not been fixed. One has already bitten someone before. Yesterday my 17 year old had to carry our dog from the car to our apartment cause one of the neighbors puppies was running around without a leash. Mind you he is a sweet puppy but my dog does not like dogs getting up in his face and then one has done so several times in the past cause we have opened our front door and there he is, anyway this is why my daughter was carrying our dog even though he was on a leash. The neighborÂs dog ran up to her and was jumping on her trying to play. My dog was not happy. He is a little Chihuahua and this puppy is a pit bull mix. Mind you we have had pits and I love the breed most are the sweetest dogs I have ever met but not everyone feels that way, And some small children are terrified of all dogs. The woman yelled for her dog to come back but of course did not get off her butt to go get it. My daughter explained to her that is why their is a leash law and she just rolled her eyes and said whatever. My daughter has scratches on her legs from the dog. This is the same woman who does not understand why people get upset she lets this dog run around the courtyard at 3am because she works the overnight shift. I am thankful we are leaving. Between the screaming kids, the thumping from upstairs, the dogs running around off leashes, the neighbors watching me come and go ( I leave around 5am and one of them is always out there, hubby now walks me to the car) and the tiny children walking pit bulls things are only going to get worse. I pray this month flies by before it all hits the fan.

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i feel u dipperdandooney im going thru da same thing. ive spoken to my neighbor on numerous occassions & it didnt help. i then spoken to management waitin now to see if its working but it isnt looking like it is my neighbor apparently doesnt care. her son runs jumps stomps all the above. she does nothing to discipline her child he's 3 or 4 he very much understands whats going on. i do know & understand kids will be kids but to what extent. hell parents need to be parents & discipline their damn kids. cuz as i was brought up up u didnt run in the house. so that saying oh he just a kid is bunch crap show sum responsibility. & as of other measures turning on da radio or turning up the tv @gravywings & cuisineart IT DOESNT HELP NOR WORK! trust me i tried it. im now working on a letter to management im 2 months prego now & feel like i shouldnt have to go thru this stress. u should respect others as u would want to be respected & treated so u are not alone dipperdandooney

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I had a similar problem like this, 3 years ago. I had to move to another apartment.

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