ceiling tiles and access regulations

first_timerMarch 28, 2007

Hi all,

(I searched the forum but couldn't find exactly what I needed).

Does anyone know if there are any ceiling tiles or ceiling systems that qualify as accessible?

We're finishing our basement and don't have the height for a dropped ceiling. We need to keep access in many parts of the basement for gas, plumbing and electrical pipes and wires etc.


p.s. I'm in BC, Canada if that makes a difference.

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Armstrong has a system that installs up against the joists. Check out their website. See if that fits the bill.

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cieling max is one company sold at HD. I used them and also tried another company that I cant think of right now. The second company was a little cheaper and a little easier to work with, but you have to order it online so you need to know how muck to order. Do a search online and im sure you will find it. If not, I can get the info for you.

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Wow thanks guys, I found so much Googling those two names.
Looks like these are the types of products I need.

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CeilingLink is the other zero clearance product that directly connects to the bottom of the joists. It is the competitor to CeilingMax.

FYI - I haven't decided which product to go w/ yet but it will definitely be 1 of the 2. I want to maximize the head space.

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Cieling link is the company I was thinking off. I used both and there both ok.

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Here are some pretty good pictures of direct-mount grid installations!

Here is a link that might be useful: Direct Mount Grid Installations

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BasementCeilingTiles.com has a direct/surface/joist mounted grid that is made of vinyl, so will never rust. You can even get it different colors, or wood-look. They also have the waterproof ceiling tiles that are a little more durable/rigid and won't get damaged from moving them around periodically.

Here is a link that might be useful: Basement Ceiling Tiles

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