good will/ salvation army

diydanaAugust 28, 2003

Hey Apt dwellers....Hi there!

So what is the best thing that you have bought from Goodwill/ Salvation Army for your house?

If you never went run on down...

Sure your fingers feel grimy after


you never mans trash....

I bought a Niagara roll-assage chair green crushed velvet

$20.00 looks like new, works like a charm.

Actually I was wondering if that 70's show wants to borrow it. Perhaps it's an 80's chair...but what a great deal and the body loves it. It makes so much noise with the rollers...I won't let them turn it on.

the floor shakes.

I am going to go to the attached condo next door and ask them if they can feel it vibrate.

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how do i get this question off this forum?

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you just ignore it and it'll slowly sink to the bottom if no one answers it. Don't feel bad; it's an OK post for this forum; it just didn't happen to catch anyone's fancy.

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I went to the Salvation Army with my mother and sister one day and found a lovely set of canisters, made by Pfaltzgraff. My mother boughht then for me. It started my tea rose collection.

At the time I was beginning life in my first apartment. It's a lovely little one bedroom, great room and full bath and starter kitchen. So my space is truely limited. And the things I am putting in it, I select with great care.

When I first moved in, I bought cheap, starting with nothing except my clothes and three cats. I replace rather then add to as time goes on. My sister told me the other day, that she finds it hard to get rid of things, but that I, on the other hand am an advocate of 'less is best'. I told her that, yes, I am but the space is pretty apt to fill up as time goes by.

One day, another sister and I went to a second hand shop, and I found plates, bread and butter plates and cereal bowls in the same pattern. A few weeks later, I returned there and found the salt and pepper shakers for a dollar. I was thrilled.

Back to the salvation army again, yesterday. I found a sweet candle holder with metal roses on it to hold one of those huge candles.

I went to a furnature store, also, hopeing to get a little dining room set to replace the borrowed one that I am using. They have a set called the nook. Its a corner set, with bench and you can get extra chairs to add to or instead of the bench. Another set, is round table with drop leaf.

Heres my thoughts. I love to change my furnature around, and around and around. If I get the nook, set, then I will be locked in as to where it sets. I have to keep it scaled down. I really want the nook set, but think the rounded one with drop leaves might be the better to buy. Oh decisions, decisions.

This little apartment makes me feel like I'm decorating a doll house.


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I'm not in an apartment, but in a small house. DH and I had lived in a bigger home, and a lot of our furniture was just too big in scale. So I went to thrift shops, reasonable antique shops and the like, and found pieces to suit the space. It was fun and the results were well worth it. I had too much *stuff* before and paring down felt good.

Your chair sounds great for you. The "Trash to Treaure" forum really warms to these types of discussions so do stop by sometime if you'd like.


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