dryer vent hole too small

chris_ontMarch 19, 2011


I need to replace my dryer vent. It's an old house and the existing vent is 3"

I found a 3" vent at Home Depot but when I try to fit it into the hole in the foundation it doesn't fit by just a hair or two!

It's like the previous pipe was placed there before the concrete was poured!

I don't have much in the way of tools. Tried chipping away at the opening (which is not perfectly smooth) with a hammer and a heavy file, which broke. In terms of power tools I have only a drill.

After an hour of that I have several lacerated fingers and have made very little progress.

I just need a fraction of an inch or so. Can someone recommend a tool that would do the job better? Just a heavier hammer and proper chisel?

The vent cap is metal and I can't push it very hard from the outside without denting the thing.

Kinda stuck for doing laundry until I fix this.

Help! :)

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Make the vent smaller. Either: 1) crimp the end, or 2) cut it, then screw it together again or use as is except for the end that fits into the dryer exhaust hose. You'll have to buy a metal shears.

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