What is this? Paper mache-african-indian-storage?

cc4npgMarch 2, 2012

I found this and would like to know what it is. Am I correct with it being paper mache?

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Than picture of the inside looks like it....but a gourd would be more in keeping with the rest of what I see.
Tap it.....does it sound sort of wooden?
Looks more Mexican that American to me.

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Yeah, that's what is so confusing. It does sound like wood. I wondered about Mexican, African even. It has carving of a duck or goose and a lizard on the big one. Then there's that bead work design duck, which even has a tiny white eye. So, the inside... do you think these are gourds? So I believe these are gourds now. Being so, do you think they are of any value? I wonder how old they are. Hey, here's a better idea... here's more pics.

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The lizard and the crow are typical southwestern Indian motifs, symbols.
How are they applied? what are the decorations made of? are the beads actually strung and then glued or glued? Is tehre any marking at all? Look closely.
And....could it possibly be made of raw hide. Raw hide gets very hard, rattles are often made from raw hide.

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Fori is not pleased

That really looks like a gourd, especially that photo with the ribs.

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The last picture shows the blossom end of the gourd, which they are. I have no clue who made them or how old they are because gourd craft is still going strong, and still being sold out west for mementoes. They're not carved, but something has been lain over the top when decorating.

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