New to antiques...questions

Karen99123March 25, 2011

I am just bought two older pieces of wooden furniture. One, I bought is an 1972 Keller curio (sp?) cabinet. It is solid oak with a veener back ( built furniture...know it is solid wood) and a light walnut finish. It has 3 glass shelves in a cabinet on top. The shelves rest in a wooden frame. The bottom has two doors and inside there is no shelf; it does have a silverware drawer. Probably too much info, but here is my questions:

One, what age of furniture is it considered an antique?

Two, the piece is very good shape, but does have a few scratches and the owner cut out tiny squares to put in Christmas lights. At this time. I do not want to refinish it, if in the future I decide to what can I use to help the dry look that does not complicate the refinishing process.

Three, the cabinet has a haze like finish also. Is there anything to improve it?

Four, what do I clean it with?

I appreciate any help!


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Forgot to mention that I commented to hubby about it may need cleaning, so he took it upon himself while I was gone to wash it with Murphys soap and put Old English Lemon Oil on it. Hope he didn't mess it up...wonderful gesture. I am going to try and post the pics.

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Murphy's caused the hazy finish....and the Old English didn't help as you see.
Furniture doesn't begin to be antique before it's 100 years old.
A wiping down with mineral spirits ( buy it in the paint store) will clean off the oil.....then give it a going over with Howards' Restore-a-finish.
Linda C

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Thank you, Linda C. Do I apply the Howards Restore-a-finish once or ever so often?

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Read the label....once. It's a quick and easy refinish.
Linda C

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Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but is it possible you meant to type "1872"?

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No matter what the age, the holes cut out by the idiot who owned it have basically destroyed any actual value, besides your own use and enjoyment. Those holes mean it's not in good shape.

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