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foulmouthedleonAugust 3, 2008

First post and let me preface this by saying despite my username, I'm a nice guy.

Ok, this really isn't that big of a deal but figured I'd see what some others think. First of all, have lived in apartments (upscale ones at that) since college for ten years and have had relatively few, if any, incidents with neighbors.

That said, my neighbor across the hall has taken to chaining up his moutain bikes to the iron fence that seperates our places (it's hard to describe). I don't really like looking at them whenever I leave and enter my place so I asked him (via a note) about six weeks ago if he wouldn't mind storing his bikes in his place and not where they were (and still are). He got my note and has ignored the issue, so I went to my apartment manager and told her of the problem...

She said that he shouldn't be storing his bikes there, that we have bike storage racks in the courtyard and that if he didn't want to store them there, he should keep them in his place.

Ok, great!

She said she'd send him a note by the week's end telling him this.

That was six weeks ago.

I've since followed up with her a few times, asking if she had sent the note yet and she keeps giving me the "We're just so busy right now, etc." and says she'll do it by the week's end. It hasn't happened.

Yesterday, I asked the Asst. Manager and told her of the problem and she said she'd send a note to them yesterday. Guess what? No note.

Now the real problem is that I see and talk to the office staff every day, as I get a large number of packages for my job, so I don't want to jeopardize my relatioship with them by making this into a big deal.

The thing is, though, no matter how much I try to not let it bug me (about the bikes, and now the management's lack of action) it does.

The way I see it, I have three options:

1) Let it go

2) Keep asking the management if they'll send a note to my neighbor

3) Go above the manager's head to her manager and alert she/he of the lack of action on management's behalf

Any suggestions here folks?

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If the worst thing that ever happened to you apartment-wise was having to see someone's bikes (not exactly garbage) for a very short time every(?) day, I'd say let it go. You have said you're used to higher-end living and may have no idea just how horrible even relatively 'nice' apts can be due to noise issues (#1 complaint by a mile) and many other serious things, not the least of which can be really awful, rude, drunken and loud neighbours with noisy, messy children, etc. etc. They may take advantage of your space in many ways, mgrs & LL's ignore things, bugs and worse roam free, and all in all, you're doing great!

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You have presented three options you are considering, and you wish to gather opinions on which one would be the best course of action to follow. I agree with lucy. It sounds picky to complain about 'having to look at bikes' and you have mentioned that the office is going over and above the required services to accommodate your special needs regarding accepting and signing for what you say are a large number of packages they handle on your behalf. Don't jeopardize this. If it is not in your lease that part of the service they provide is to handle your incoming deliveries for your small business venture they could quit doing so. If you check your lease it probably even says something about not being allowed to operated a business out of your rental unit. Most leases state this.

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If you feel comfortable in your apartment, it's safe there, I'd let it go. Looking at bikes is not a major consideration.

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I can understand why having the bikes there would bother you--it's your front porch, and it's messy. Or at least, it's certainly not genteel. So I understand why it bothers you.

i would say wait a little bit and then bring it up again after about 2 weeks or so. And say that you'd welcome any suggestions they have for what they'd allow you to do to block your view of his bikes.

(and in that 2 weeks, bring the staff at the office cookies or something to say thanks for all the package help)

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Put up a piece of corrugated, translucent plastic (the kind they use for shed roofs and awnings) between your patios. That way, the messy view is gone.

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Id get in touch with my city/county building inspector since where he is chaining his bike can be hazardous.

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Actually this problem did get solved. The Asst. Manager walked up to my place to see what I was talking about and she told me "Wow, I didn't realize that they were right there in front of your door" and she called the neighbors sayind that they violated fire codes or something, the bikes were gone the next day. Victory is mine!

An on the packages thing, it's something they do (I live in a gated community where even UPS/FedEX, etc. can't get in even if they do have a delivery - all of them go to the front office. So they're pretty much doing their job on that one and they appreciate the fact that I don't let my packages pile up and I show up every day to pick them up.

Anyway, thanks for everyone's input - now that it's a non-issue, I find it hard to believe I was so worked up about it!

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