DIY sump pump drywell

rob_rMarch 24, 2010

My sump pump discharge exits my house above grade, currently draining via 2 inch flexible hose running into an alley, approximately 50+ ft. This creates 2 problems: in the spring, summer and fall it discharges fine but water collects in the alley and is a bit of a nuisance; in the late fall and winter the flexible tubing freezes and the pump still runs occassionally, which forces me to unhook the 2" hose and let the water discharge directly from the side of my house.

My solution is the put in a drywell, however actually know very little about them other than what i have read online. Seems fairly straightforward. The cheapest drywell I have found is about $100. However, I have read about some who have used a buried garbage can with numerous holes drilled in it, filled with stone in lieu of the actual drywell. Is this a feasible option? What's to prevent the can from collapsing? Maybe I'm answering my own question, but would it make more sense to spend the extra cash for a resovoir that is intended for this purpose.

Any thoughts, experiences or advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Can you not plumb it into the house sewer line? (with a u bend to stop back flow?)

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I'll have to check local code. I think they consider that diverting storm water to a septic sewer.

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