Attaching plywood to concrete block through foam

macgyvers2000March 9, 2008

I have 1.5" foam board glued against concrete block, but a framework has not yet been erected in front of it. I want to attach a 2'x3' piece of plywood to the wall (it will act as a homerun point-of-contact for all cable aplifiers, phone, and ethernet hub wiring), but I'd like a second opinion on an effective mounting tactic. I was thinking four toggle bolts, one through each corner of the board, foam, and into the block. Everyone's thoughts?



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How about glueing it?

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..or, if you're worried about it falling, then get a larger piece and let it reach the (standing on a piece of foam).

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Use concrete screws, such as Tapcons.

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After thinking about it, I'll probably go with some form of standard anchor bolt. I'll make sure not to hit a seam, but other than that it should be pretty straightforward.

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