Need a Quiet Wall Oven

cmcfishJanuary 25, 2013

After a great deal of research, I recently (1/2013) purchased a Whirlpool Gold double oven. When I turned it on for the first time, I could not believe how loud the exhaust fans were! It is a convection oven, but this was in bake mode. The vent ran for 45 minutes after I turned the oven off!! I called Whirlpool customer service and they said they had heard their new models were louder than previous models and "they are working on it." Well, I cannot keep these ovens in my kitchen. They are simply TOO loud. So I am now looking for a replacement. I am leaning toward the Bosch 800 series but really want to hear from someone who actually has one to see if they have the same noise issue. Any input and/or suggestions? I would greatly appreciate it!

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How quiet something is will be subjective. There is no objective standard measure that will tell you how two different ones will compare. Some will find the oven that you have just fine, and others will not. It's a crapshoot, and only you will know your own sensitivity level. It's you are very sensitive, you may not find any the will work for you. All ovens will have fans that cool their electronics, and there are very few showrooms with ovens actually hooked up for you to hear. If you found the Whirlpool noisy, then I sugget you avoid all of it's sisters, the Maytag, JennAir, KitchenAid and perhaps investigate some of the higher end products.

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BTW: my mom has a single Maytag. The fan is for the electronics. You could try looking for a unit that doesn't have that much in the way of electronics.

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We have an Electrolux wall oven. The fan starts to hum once you turn it on. It's not particularly loud to my ears. When the oven it turned off, the fan continues to blow until it's cooled off. As the oven is well insulated, this takes tens of minutes. I shorten this by opening the oven door. This vents the hot air within minutes.


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Thanks for the input. I realize all ovens have fans these days to keep electronic controls cool. The one I replaced did as well, but the Whirlpool was truly obnoxiously loud. Even my husband agreed, and he is not noise-sensitive at all! Again, their own rep's confirmed the issue. I guess I just want to hear from someone with a Bosch before I purchase one...does the noise bother you? Do you notice it particularly? Or does it fade into the background?

Thanks again for the input!!

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I have a Bosch 500 series single wall oven (mounted under the cooktop). I haven't found the noise to be an issue at all - very quiet in fact. I'm probably aware of the cooling fan, when I've stopped cooking, simply because I think "did I turn off the oven?", but that's the only reason I notice it. Our kitchen has no door and opens off the sitting and dining areas, yet we don't hear the oven in those rooms. Hope this helps

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Thanks Sara...that's exactly what I needed to hear (ha!). I am leaning toward the Bosch and this definitely makes my decision easier.

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I also have the Bosch 500 series wall oven and am sensitive to noise. On regular mode or convection, this oven is extremely quiet with the fan on. The fan runs for about 10 to 15 minutes after the oven is turned off.

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The quietest ones will be the ovens with triple glass doors.

Wolf L Series and Gaggenau.

Yep, the most expensive ones.

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Deeageaux...Lol! Of course!

Texasgal...thanks. What a relief. I think the Bosch 500 is the one for me.

Thanks again, everyone!

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" Posted by deeageaux

The quietest ones will be the ovens with triple glass doors.

Wolf L Series and Gaggenau. "

There is more to it than that. I have my Wolf range, with triple glass next to my Electrolux, double glass and the Electrolux is quieter. It is probably due to the fact it has dual fans, but for some who are noise sensitive, even the pitch of the fans can make a difference. My Electrolux and Wolf both shut off when you turn them off. The only way you can know what is best for you is to hear it but this would be almost impossible to do. If you buy from the right retailer, some have a two week window for return, but make sure you understand the terms for that.

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The Thermador ovens my in-laws have at home are crazy obnoxious loud. The Wolf ones they have at their vacation home are nice and quiet, even though when you open them they are super loud. I agree the noise is awful. Would it help to insulate the oven cabinet with foam or something?

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Deeageaux is right on the money, my gaggenau ovens are super quiet; the doors are amazing on another point: you can open the door while baking and the inside of the door is cool, not hot -- truly amazing engineering. In cleaning mode, the oven fans are quietier than most.

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Sara and Texasgal - are you happy with the reliability of your Bosch ovens?

Note that Gaggenau is also manufactured by Bosch. I'm told that the current Boschs are "lower end" Gaggenaus.

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Very happy - It's been in place almost 5 years (where does the time go?) now with no problems. I make 3 loaves of bread at least once a week, if not twice, and roast on Sunday (I'm so English :) ), plus lots of other usage.

Mostly, I use True Convection, broil, and warm. I'm still unconvinced about the merits of some of the different settings, having been used to "all convection, all the time" in the UK for years, but that's just me.

I've only used the self-clean twice, I think, and only for an hour, which was adequate. Roast duck makes quite a mess . . .

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GromitinWA - note that Gaggenau while owned by Bosch Siemens is completely independent from them, including and most importantly Gaggenau engineering, manufacture etc. There is categorically no comparison between a Gaggenau and a Bosch or Thermador (also owned by Bosch)-- not by a long shot.

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Thanks Sara - good to hear that you've had long term experience with them. As a fellow Brit, I can relate to the importance of the Sunday Roast. Bring on the Yorkshire Pud and roast potatoes!

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@clarygrace - I would be astonished if there were not some common mechanical and electrical parts. Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda and Lamborghini are all part of VAG and you'll find some common parts between the vehicles that they make. It is simply uneconomic to do otherwise.

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If anything, Bosch may use some Gaggenau engineered parts -- still, the products are completely different -- in terms of performance, quality there is truly no comparison.
I know because I have used both. It's like trying to compare a Rolls Royce to a Mercedes, trust me.

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Whilst we are happy that clarygrace is happy with the
Gaggenau oven, one would appreciate a little more
"Factual Knowledge" about the Gaggenau's engineering, manufacture etc.

While I do admit it does take some time and research to come up with "Truly Factual Information", I feel we owe it to our readers here,, rather than "Shooting from the hip"

You have "No Need" to be "Astonished", GromitInWA.

Here are just a few examples of common parts between the Bosch and the Gaggenau ovens,
(this is just information for some model Gaggenaus and Bosches),
---I am not claiming it is an "Enclusive List", and it is "Possible" that there are some "Gaggenau Only" parts.

Clock & Oven Control Board
Manufacturer Number 097950
Bosch Range/Stove/Oven Oven Control Board
Gaggenau Range/Stove/Oven Oven Control Board

Bosch Range/Stove/Oven Relay Board
Thermador Range/Stove/Oven Relay Board

Bosch Range/Stove/Oven Oven Thermostat
Gaggenau Range/Stove/Oven Oven Thermostat

Bosch Range/Stove/Oven Convection Element
Gaggenau Range/Stove/Oven Convection Element

Bosch Range/Stove/Oven Heating Element
Gaggenau Range/Stove/Oven Heating Element

Manufacturer Number 356410
Bosch Range/Stove/Oven Grill Element
Gaggenau Range/Stove/Oven Grill Element

Hmmmmm, let's see what we have here (Above)

(1) Clock & Oven control board.
(2) Oven Relay board
(3) Oven Thermostat
(4) Convection element
(5) Heating element
(6) Grill Element

Hmmm what's left!!!!, I guess the paint and the
EXPENSIVE Gaggenau Badge??

So the same exact parts that I listed fit both the Gaggenau and Bosch ovens, some fit the Thermadors too.

go here to find the info I did.

Also according the the "Bosch Guru" on the Fixya site,

bosch guru457 solutionsFeb 26, 2010
. .

You can go to thermador .com Bosch,thermador gaggenau all same company

Just the facts, Mam, Just the Facts


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Well Dodge it must really make you feel good to tout your knowledge and research. Good for you. But you may want to scale back on self-righteous patronizing, it's not very flattering.
For me, I speak from my experience with two of the products being compared and again I can tell you that there is NO comparison between a Bosch oven and a Gaggenau oven -- they are engineered differently -- They perform differently. I did mention that they may share some components/parts but that's about the extent of it. ROLLS ROYCE VS. MERCEDES is a pretty good analogy, sorry if you disagree.

Jeez, for as long as I've read your posts on ovens, you have a penchant for pooh poohing anything that isn't an Electrolux oven(and btw, I also own Electrolux appliances), and they are fine products, but everyone has their preferences.

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It's true, I'm a big Electrolux fan, alto not as quiet a fan that is on my oven, as Wekick mentioned, the oven is VERY quiet, even quieter than the wolf.

But in this case, The OP seems to be concentrating on the Bosch ovens, so that is what my post is about, Bosch Ovens.

I don't pooh poo anything that's not Electrolux, I have a Miele DW and would not trade if for an Elux DW. Same for My Jenn-air fridge, no way a trade for an Elux Fridge.

You went , "To Me", way out of your way to "Try to explain the Superiority" of the Gaggenau over the Bosch, sorry I'm not buying it, I can "Honestly say" I would not trade ovens with you even if you offered me an additional 10 grand.

I don't think we do our readers here a service to have them possibly "over budget", in this case, for an oven, that except for the side opening doors, is not that much different than a "Normally priced oven" and I certainly do not believe it performs any better than a "Better Bosch", and unless I see it myself, I would not believe it can out perform my Electrolux.

While a lotta folks here do not like car anologies, but since you used one, I will too, having had two German Cars, Mercedes Benzes. Heater control unit goes out on one of them. Repair guy says, So you want the "Mercedes Heater Control", it's $900, or do you want the Chrysler one, it's $300, and is the same thing. While You might tell them to put in the Mercedes part, I chose the Chrysler, and it worked just fine!!

So I at least want folks to be aware of "How the Game is Played", they want to play it, fine, it's their money!!!
But at least they will be playing "a bit more Knowledbibly", I hope, after my previous post!


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I'm staying out of this one! To return to GromitInWA's question regarding Bosch oven reliability, I have had mine installed just 14 months with no problems with reliability. Mine is used primarily for baking. I have not used the self-clean feature as don't want to push my luck. I'm wondering how many Bosch owners do self-clean their ovens.

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I just posted this morning about my very noisy, newest model KitchenAid KEBS277SS so am also interested in the answers to this post. Taking price and on-line comments into consideration, I am leaning toward replacing the KitchenAid with the Bosch 500 series (I have to have a 27" size). Depending on when you (meaning other posters) bought your appliance and which model # you purchased, results can vary widely. All I can say is that my newest KitchenAid double ovens are noisy, with cooling fan turbulence so loud it makes a whistling noise like a teakettle. I have had authorized repair people out and the noise is the same in or out of the cabinet. Whirlpool/KitchenAid claims the sound is normal & 'subjective' as one other person mentioned. I am grateful to know that I am not alone.

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All my appliances have been Maytag so I just called Lowes and ordered a new double wall oven in my price range. It was Maytag so I knew it would be great. WRONG!!! As soon as it was installed we turned it on and the fans in the oven came on and oh my gosh! This is a very large kitchen 1k sq. ft. and we could not hear the TV at the other end of the room. Unbelievable! So I called Maytag. The service man and I got into a screaming fight on the phone until he said "Lady if you turn off the fan the oven will MELT!." That's right, that is what he said. THE OVEN WOULD MELT. I hung up and went to look at the oven. I had taken down a wall to take out the old oven and install the new one so one wall beside the oven was not there. The metal walls of this oven were from 1/4" to 1/2" thick. No wonder. It all made sense then. The oven will melt if you turn off that obscenely loud oven FAN. The walls were very thin with little or no insulation. I returned the oven to Lowes the next day and bought a Bosch 300 Series oven that was quiet and only a couple hundred more. Bosch is a VERY QUIET and wonderfully performing oven. Very good buy!

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Same experience here. I think that's the reason Bosch is the oven Abt uses IN the showroom to bake cookies...if they used the other brands people would be scared off by the noise (Whirlpool et al) or by the price (Gaggennau).

The other thing we like about our Bosch 300 is it has knobs :)

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Just to jump on the Bosch bandwagon:) We love our 500 series oven (thought about the 800 but given the price point and the fact that I like knobs vs electronic control panel), went with it. Very quiet. I am sensitive to noise, and in an open concept kitchen/family room where we were unable to hear the television with our last oven, this has been a perfect fit. My only complaint is that the oven does take a long time to reach temps; once there, it bakes evenly.

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I am wondering whether any of you have a Decibel meter? This would be an objective measure of oven noise. (Can you tell my husband is a builder?) If you don't have a dB meter, you can download a free app on your iPhone. Decibel 10th is one app, but there are many.

We are about to replace our GE Monogram. It has been unbearably loud the entire time we have had it. If anybody is able to measure Decibels of your oven and post here, it would be most appreciated!

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Well another way to measure the noise and demonstrate it to the folks here in Garden Web, is to use your video camera to record the oven noise, and in fact I've done so with my Electrolux Induction.

My wife and I can not hear anything when it is running, but another poster, listened to my video and heard the high pitch sound She does not like.

So She was not relying on "This 70 year old's Acute Hearing", LOL, She listened for herself.

I could do that for my Elux oven but since it is 7 years old, It "May NOT" reflect accurately the fan noise of the current Electrolux ovens.


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Hi cmcfish,
Did you end up buying the Bosch serie 800? I am also leaning towards this one, and having the same concern as you regarding noise. I would be interested to hear about your experience. Alternative for me would be Electrolux or Kitchen aid. Thanks for advising!

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My new KA Architect II wall oven was installed this morning. It replaced a 19 year old Jenn-air convection oven in perfect working order but stylistically out of date.

When the installer turned the new oven on to regular bake and I heard the fan - the one that cools the electronic panel - I was appalled. Why would the manufacturer of a 'whisper quiet' dishwasher make an oven with a noisy fan?

If peace and quiet means turning a knob rather than pushing an electronic keypad, I'll take the knob option thanks!

I wish I had been aware of this forum prior to making this purchase. I am so disappointed! Then again my good old Jenn-air is still in the garage...

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I have had both 500 and 800 series Bosch ovens and, although relatively quiet, as far as I am concerned they are still annoying for any open concept living space (particularly if you have an oven (or pair of ovens) mounted high up on a wall). I am not "sensitive", but the drone of the sound of the fan cooling the electronics is not desireable. I have competed an extensive search and have not found a single oven available in the US that does not have a fan for cooling the electronics, with the exception of the AGA range. So if you are sensitive or just do not want to be serenaded by a fan whilst dining, you may need to look at the AGA. In our next build we will be putting in an AGA, but I currently have no experience with this appliance; however if a manufacturer comes out with a fanless oven then we will look at that model as well.

I have been informed that a number of manufacturers are currently working on designs and materials that will eliminate the need for a fan to cool the electronics. Hopefully some new models sans fans will be out in the near future.

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I'm sorry to hear that new ovens are just as noisy as the old ones. My Kitchen Aid double wall oven with convection on the upper oven was so noisy when I first got it 16 years ago that I had the service man here two times. I couldn't stand it and couldn't believe it wasn't broken or something wasn't wrong with it. I'm very noise sensitive. Finally, I just couldn't believe it could be so loud and be normal so one day DH actually took it out, it was a huge job and he investigated the back of the oven and sure enough there was a loose screw and it was vibrating loudly right along with the running fan. That made a HUGE difference but the fan noise is still very noticeable. But oh so much quieter than with that back metal panel vibrating to beat the band.

It was never explained to me about the fan running to keep the electronics cool. Since I bought probably one of the first convection wall ovens made by KA I thought well, I'm getting the prototype and they will get better with time. It makes me sad that they haven't been able to do a better job with quieting these things down no matter the brand. It's funny today I was at Lowe's and there was a double wall over sitting there marked down as a returned new oven that had a "fan" repair but was in perfect condition. I'm thinking it was probably just normal but the owner couldn't believe how loud it was, lol. It was still $2700 as opposed to about $3300 if memory serves. I'd need a bigger discount to bring that bad boy home if I were now in the market.

I have been looking for a double wall over without convection since I think I used the convection mode one or two times 16 years ago and it didn't seem any better than regular baking so I never used it again. I don't really need to make meals really fast anyway so I wish I could ditch that feature and that would surely make the oven quieter when it's time to replace these. They still look great. Still stylish even with their 16th birthday coming up in July, everything in my kitchen is KA from that era when we built the house. I am afraid when it comes time to replace things that I won't be nearly as happy with the newer appliances with all the new regulations.

Reading about the different brands and the noise problems with them is sort of disheartening. I'm thinking the next thing I will need to update is the dishwasher and reading about those on this forum has me all over the place with what will work as well as my old workhorse Kitchen Aid.

Good luck with your appliances chooses!

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Since this post appears to continue to receive new followups, I'll toss in my two cents. My wife is super sensitive about noisy appliances and we needed a new wall oven to replace the 10-year-old Thermador wind tunnel that came with the house. Being of the old analog school, we didn't know about "cooling the electronics" and fans that run all the time and continue on even after the cooking is all done.

We looked at a LOT of ovens, and talked to all our friends who had recently remodeled their kitchens. Some were happy with their oven choices and many were not . We listened to a number of installed ovens (including Miele!) and found that only one, the Bosch, was really pretty quiet.

Not satisfied with this level of subjective research, we went to several appliance showrooms with three decibel meter apps on my iPhone and tested whatever ovens they had fully hooked up. Same result - the Bosch (forget Wolf!!), with the 500 Series posting the lowest number.

We bought a 30" 500 Series single electric wall unit and I installed it. It has been great, despite the fact that much of the enclosing cabinetry has been removed because of a major mold problem (thank you, previous owner!) so it should be even more quiet when we complete the remodel. A surprise: opening the oven about 5" after the cooking job is done shortens the cooling fan run-on to just a few minutes.

It also works much better than the Thermador and has a fast-warmup setting so it's ready to cook very quickly.

BTW, we like the knobs, but realize that they only change the electronic settings. There's no old-timey direct link to any function! They are much easier to use than touch-buttons for setting temperature.

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Thanks Voget for some objective info. We too are in the market for ovens and I am glad to be forewarned about the fan noise issue. Helps me narrow our choices to Elux and Bosch.

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Thank you voget, that's good to know about the Bosch ovens. Sound level is very important to me and this is good info.

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I also have a Bosch 500 oven and have never been bothered by the fan.

I'd like to add that it's not a good idea to open the oven door to "speed up" the cooling process. The reason that the fan is running is to keep the control panel cool during oven heating and cool down. When you open the door, you're blasting that control panel with hot air and defeating the purpose of the fan - which can shorten the life of the electronics in that control panel.

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Thanks, skitdel, for the heads up on opening the door. Not sure if it's true, as a couple of appliance people recommended doing so, and it would seem to me that whatever reading is being made for the temperature around the electronics would be near the electronics - but that's certainly not a given. It could just be the main sensor in the oven interior. But the air coming out of the oven is rising pretty rapidly past the front of the controls and since it generally turns off in a couple minutes, I'm not sure how hot things would get.

However, it's a useful thought, I should check the surface temperature of the front of the control area on different occasions with and without opening the door. The area around the door frame will already be hot and not likely to get any hotter than it is during cooking, so that shouldn't be a factor.

One scenario that might support your comment would be if the temperature sensor that controls the fan on/off is located at the bottom of the oven. Cooler air entering the lower section while hotter air rushes out the opened door would result in a quicker turn-off while the upper area near the controls remains warmer.

But the whole oven would cool down more quickly if the door is left ajar for a few more minutes. The smart thing, then, would to leave the door open a bit longer.

If I learn anything more, I'll report back. In any case, the time the fan runs after the oven has been used and the door remains closed is pretty short anyway, so this is sort of a moot point. It's not anywhere near as long as our friend's new Miele.

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I was just passing along what a Bosch repair tech had told me, which seemed to make sense since the control panel stays very cool while the fan runs but warms up a bit when the fan shuts down.

My oven arrived with the control panel DOA and needed service before it was first used. So, maybe his advice was more cautious than necessary. I haven't had any problems in the 3+ years since then.

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Could you post some of the brands you tested and the decibel readings you got? We have almost nothing hooked up here.

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