Moving out of apartment to dad's house?

veririaAugust 20, 2005

I am looking for help on my situation here, please read about it if you are so inclined :)

So here is my situation - my roommate (who was also my boyfriend) was not on the lease, he was just listed as an occupant, he had only moved in about three months prior to now. We had a fight of sorts, he's the kind of person that tries to freakin *change* you, know what I mean? Anyways that is the exact reason I moved away from my mom/family after I got my new job, so you might be able to imagine how pissed off I was.

Ok well the roommate is now gone, and I'm stuck with the lease until next march. Currently I know no one who needs a roommate. I *could* afford to keep the place until the year is up, money would be rather tight but if I could just keep my spending money in check, it can be done. I can also do a few things to generate extra money as well to supplement my regular income. The problem I have with keeping the apartment is my job. I am LITERALLY gone for half of the month - I work onboard Amtrak trains, and I travel to Austin, TX, every four days, and have four days off.

However, my father said I could move in with him right now - it would be an opportunity to save loads of money, as I'm sure he wouldn't charge me nearly as much as having an apartment would cost. He has a large house, and said I could basically take over the basement area.

Now the people who manage the property said they wouldn't charge me a termination of lease fee if they could find someone who would want to move into my apartment, as long as I kept on paying the monthly rent of course.

I guess it is just that if I had a regular job, I would most definately want to keep the apartment...But I am only going to be here half of the time - so which do you think is better? Keeping the apartment, or moving in with dad? Thanks so much for help in advance!

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depends on how you get along with your dad- and if you can find someone to sublease your place..

but that's something you should take a bit to really ponder, since you seem to imply you were getting along find with dude until he moved in- and from there to here was only three months.

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Check (for your city) for "subleases" and see if you can find someone to take over the lease oe looking for a roomate.

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If you move in with Dad, will you have to live by "Dad's rules"? After having lived on your own, that might not be so palatable. Will living at "home" cramp your dating style? Just a few things to consider.

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just because you're not *in* your home doesn't mean it isn't still your home. It has your stuff; it's waiting there for you when you get back, no one is moving your stuff around, etc.

But if your dad has lots of room, and is the kind of dad that would not try to change you, or expect you to become HIS buddy/roommate more than you wanted to, then it could be worth trying to one.

One nice thing: you don't have to commit to Dad until you figure out whether you can find someone to sublet.

Or a new non-sweetheart-type person to be a roommate (if your place has room for it)

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