what the heck did i buy? mini goblets/tray pic heavy

mjseeMarch 9, 2010

Ok...got these on ebay. They were advertised as "mini-chalices and tray, possible silver coated pewter, DRAGONS"

I don't think they are pewter...I think they are spelter. They are heavy for their size. The finish IS silver-tone (chrome?) and in bad shape on the "goblets." Style is "Japanesque" and very detailed. Goblets are definitely cast.I'm fairly certain the tray is as well. Feet have been soldered onto the tray. I've not found any maker's marks or anything like that.

Here are the pics (if you click on them they go to full size):

I didn't pay much for them...so I'm not concerned that they don't appear to be pewter. I mostly want to know what their original purpose was, their age, and their country of origin. I don't think they were for saki...I've never seen a saki set made from metal...or with six cups. Or goblet shaped!

Hope someone out there knows what they are! (Or can point me in the right direction...)

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It's a communion set for a coven of six celebrating the Black Mass. LOL

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I was looking at them again...and I'm wondering if they might be a salesman's sample?

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For tasting dragon's blood!
Seriously....sort of. I think it's a "cordial set"...and looks to me like it's been sprayed silver....try a little nail polish remover and see if it removes the silver "paint"....and may be pewter....there are lots of sorts of pewter....some contain lots of lead, some none at all, some lots of tin, some antimony....so it could be something like that.
It's...."interesting".... LOL!

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