Smoking downstairs neighbor

solomongrundyAugust 16, 2012

I have a downstairs neighbor in my apartment complex whom I've nicknamed "Cancer Lady" due to her incessant smoking.

She smokes on her balcony/porch and the fumes seep into my apartment. I'll be sitting on the sofa or the floor and suddenly inundated by the stench of her cigarette despite having all of my doors and windows closed.

I have observed that apparently, when she smokes, she does not sit/stand at the edge of the balcony. She sits in a chair close to the balcony door.

Look, I don't care if you smoke as long as it does not affect me. Since this obviously does, what are my options? I've already discussed this issue several times with management and they seem to be reluctant to do anything.

Is there anything I can buy to keep the smoke out?

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No, there is nothing that I know of that you can do to keep the smoke out. I would ask to move to another apartment.

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If the building allows smoking, I'm not sure the management can tell her to stop smoking outside. In fact, the management might prefer that she smokes outside, because it will create less damage to her apartment.

You could try weatherstripping all the doors and windows, to see if that seals off the cracks where the smoke comes through. You could try opening one window and directing a fan outwards to see if that blows the smoke away from the building.

You could also try talking with the woman and seeing if she has any ideas about how she could keep the smoke from drifting upwards. I think there are special ashtrays that capture some of the smoke. She might be willing to try one, if you are willing to pay for it.

Otherwise, you might just have to invest in a good air filter.

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If all your doors and windows are closed and you're still smelling smoke you'll want to have the landlord look at weatherstripping, caulking, etc. Beyond her smoke plenty of unconditioned air is getting in too which will raise you heating and cooling bill.

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