Poorly built apartment

add2718August 11, 2013

I made the decision to move to a second-floor unit about six months ago after a few years of living under someone who constantly dropped things and stomped around like an elephant.

Unfortunately, I seem to have chosen a very poorly built apartment (duplex). The downstairs tenant is pretty heavy (maybe 400 pounds) and I can hear him walking around half the time. If I'm in my bedroom and he goes to the bathroom (which is right next to the bedroom), his footsteps are almost as loud as the previous neighbor ABOVE me. I've been woken up from naps a few times by it. if I'm in the second bedroom which I use as my "study", whenever he walks down the hall, my whole floor shakes.

I cannot believe that someone walking on the first floor can shake the floor of the person above him. Sometimes it's so jarring that I'm afraid that the building is suffering from serious structural problems.

Needless to say, I'm outta here after this lease is up. Really want to buy a house or at least rent a bi-level apartment so there's no one above or below me.

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I'm on the 2nd floor now and I've hated it since the day I moved in, I hear everything under me and I even went to the old lady and gave her cushion//pad thingys to put on the cabinets & sliding wood bedroom door, boy or boy did I make myself a enemy I now refer to her as Mommie Dearest because she & her adult ( 50's ) kids that visit have made my life miserable. I just got word last week that a down stairs is available I can have in Sept. & I only hope my new upstairs neighbor will be a nice one. It sounds like your living in the same kind of structure as I am. I wish you luck, you could always become a noisy person & see how he likes it, but you must be careful, he may turn into a total blankey blank.

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