Water coming into basement what to do next?

rowen402March 14, 2010

My unfinished basement just flooded. The basement is about 700 sq. ft. and there is about an inch of water. I just purchased this house although the prior owner told me the basement has never flooded. The house is on a high hill so I didn't expect it to flood.

For various reasons the metal bulkhead door was left open exposing the weak inner bulkhead door to the elements. It been raining very very hard here so I have been assuming the water was getting in though the bulkhead. The basement is totally unfinished. All that's down there is my water heater and oil tank.

How concerned should I be about the water damaging something? Do I need to go down and get the water up immediately or can I wait until tomorrow and have the pro's deal with it?

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Im no expert, infact I posted my own water damage question...

While the water needs to get out as quickly as possible, if it is just a few puddles or so..I think it can wait until you get people in to pump it out.

Invest in a sump pump. If I buy the house I want(which has a possible history of minor water..few puddles here and there on the sides), Im going all out with water protection.

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As long as the water level is below the bottom of your oil tank and water heater and is unfinished it should be ok until you could get some one to help you out with removing the water.

If you can afford it, I would use a professional service to remove the water if there is no drain for it to drain into.

Also that way, if there is for some reason, any damage, if you are insured, you can show that you did all that you could do to try and prevent any damage to avoid any insurance claims.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ohio Home Doctor Remodeling

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