Basement foundation redo

t-birdMarch 30, 2007

Hi All,

Just visiting here for the first time and had to join up! This forum is great - so much info!

I had a question. I have a large frame, 1913 house and was wanting to finish the basement. After a previous thread will not call owens corning!

The concrete slab is cracked on one side, definitely need the concrete redone. Alot of the floors in the upper levels are not plum, so I wanted to have the foundation and house leveled before finishing the basement. I also wondered if when I did this, if I could get them to dig down an extra foot or two to make the basement deeper (higher ceilings.)

This site:

sounded interesting, but the nearest one to me is over 300 miles away! I'm in chicago. Any recommendations on where to go/how to start? Costs?

Any comments appreciated! Thanks!

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I doubt your home has a true slab foundation; it is likely a spread footing foundation with a non-structural floor.

In general, a basement floor can be lowered by underpinning wall sections two to four feet long at a time. Sagging of floors on upper levels is likely normal settlement or inadequate structure.

Both these issues are best left to a structural engineer. He who can advise you and create the plans for a contractor to follow to implement the changes you want in a safe manner. As a licenced builder, that's the way I've done it.

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Did you get an estimate to have your foundation redone? If so, what was their quote. We definitely have problems in our basement.

Also, what were the threads about owens-corning?

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Haven't gotten to the estimate phase as yet....distracted by other projects.

There were a few thread on here about Owns Corning being very expensive and with deceptive sales tactics.

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I live in MD and am looking to lower my basement floor by a couple feet to provide enough headroom to finish it. I just got a quote for $35,000, which included underpinning the entire foundation and putting in a perimeter drainage system.

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a perimeter drainage system

Good point. Once you lower the wall, any exterior drainage system is now several feet above the bottom of the walls as is the drainage line it's going into.

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