Landlord Breaking in!

sultry16125August 10, 2009

HELP! My landlord keeps coming into my house! he works around outside between the two rentals then its like he waits until we (me and my bf and the kids) leave then he comes in and takes things, gets in the refridgerator. I live in pennsylvania. WHAT ARE MY RIGHTS?!?! I want him to stop!! Its a little creepy! thanks please email me asap with any advice!

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Your landlord has NO right to enter your apartment unless it's an actual emergency! If possible, install several hidden cameras throughout your apartment, especially one aimed at your fridge. You need proof that he's doing this because it would be your word against his if you decide to take him to court. If you do decide to go that route, I would look for a different place to live first because if he's low enough to be snooping through your home then he would be low enough to try having you evicted! Find out the laws for your state because every state has different laws regarding this situation. Here is something that may be helpful to you:
Best of luck to you! :)

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PA is a relatively good state as far as castle laws.

I would make it look like I left the house while actually hiding out inside. When he came in I would shoot him. It is completely unacceptable to enter your home as you say he does, he is chancing his life.

If for some strange reason you are not going to do the right thing and shoot the intruder, at least do everything else that you can to stop him. Cameras could be found for cheap, record him and call the police.

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What make you think the landlord is entering your apartment and takes things from the "refridgerator".

Are you serious about this accusation? Your landlord is breaking in to steal from your fridge when you are not home?

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put in a hidden camera, and catch him in the act

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Bump, have you shot the intruder yet?

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Your landlord has NO right to enter your apartment unless it's an actual emergency!
Um, that would be incorrect. Aside from emergencies, LL has the right to enter to make inspections and do repairs on their properties. Or to show for rent or sale. Some States stipulate precisely how notice is to be given (i.e. xx days written), some States like mine are vague ('reasonable notice at reasonable times').

To the OP, I haven't done an in-depth search of PA code but found a few references that PA does not specifically spell out 'right to enter'. But if you LL is entering whenever and raiding your fridge, yeah, he's way out of line. If you go to Atty General's web site on renting there is a toll free # for consumers at the bottom. Check with them.

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You know, I just knew that Moonshadow would show up sooner or later to pick my post apart, which has happened before! I was thinking that right before I posted my prior comment on this thread. Well, I'm not changing my answer because I was right when I said the landlord cannot enter without permission only in an emergency.

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grinch, it's a matter of getting the record straight, nothing more. If you're going to make something a fact, perhaps do a little research first?

To the OP, I don't know what happened, but I just checked my link above and it's incorrect. I can't direct link to PA Atty General's page on LL/Tenant issues for some reason. If you copy and paste the address below into your browser it should get you there:

Here is a quote from the bottom of that page for that toll free # I was referring to:
If you have a problem or a dispute with a landlord or any other business, you can call the Attorney General's Bureau of Consumer Protection at 1-800-441-2555, or you can also file an online complaint.

Here is the page for filing an online complaint:

Here's a bit from Univ of Pittsburgh's off-campus living guide, "Tenant's Rights":

"The Pennsylvania Landlord-Tenant Law is unique but similar to other states' laws. You donÂt have to be a lawyer to understand the law, but a lawyer may be helpful in asserting your rights or protecting you from abuse....Quiet enjoyment is the right to peaceful possession of the property you leased. Generally, a landlord cannot interfere with your possession and use of the property by harassing you in person or by telephone or by entering or allowing others to enter your apartment without reasonable notice and for legitimate purpose such as repairs, emergencies, or showing the apartment to prospective tenants. In addition, a landlord cannot withhold utilities or deny access by changing the locks. If a landlord does these things, you should advise him or her of your concerns in writing and in person. If the condition continues, you may complain to governmental authorities or seek court action to prohibit the action or to terminate the lease agreement.

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