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jbmoran87August 4, 2012

my landlord came up to me before the begging of the month and told me that she needed me to get my stuff out cause she had the place rented without giving me and eviction notice and i'm on a one year she legally able to do this

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Most likely not.

Google "landlord tenant laws yourstate" to find out exactly what protections you have in place in your state. They change from state to state, so it's impossible to know what they are.

Get out your lease. There will be useful information in the lease as well. In most states, if the lease and the state laws are different, the state law is what counts. Even if you signed a lease that says the exact opposite.

Now, why does the landlord want you out of the building? Is there a problem, like you owe back rent or have damaged the building in some way? Could the landlord have served you with eviction papers, but you didn't get them?

Most landlords do not rent the apartments of tenants who are in good standing and up to date on their rent. Why did the landlord do this to you?

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My first reaction is that it seems as if you were expecting an eviction notice in order to terminate your lease. Is that correct? Or are you thinking in a one year lease eviction is the only way to terminate it? If you could clarify that (where you're coming from) it would help.

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