laptop and neighbors' loud pounding

sameralAugust 29, 2004

Is it all that possible that the neighbors in the adjoining apartments (above, under, and side of me) can hear a laptop? I ask this because this is when my neighbors start knocking and pounding all over the walls, slamming their doors, and dropping heavy things. They especially got even louder with their knocking and pounding when my laptop's hard drive made its usual hard drive noise. I took my laptop in to have the hard drive looked at thinking it was going bad, but the tech guy who looked at said the drive was perfectly good and that the noise generated was typical of the hard drives made by my laptop's manufacturer. He suggested my buying one of their "quiet" labeled hard drives, so I had. I was getting all excited about getting a "quiet" hdd because the click, clunk, and rattling of the initial hdd was getting on my nerves anyway.

I get my laptop home with the new "quiet" hdd (it is unbelievably quiet) thinking I'll be able to enjoy my newly revamped laptop without having to hear a knock, bang, pound from any of my neighbors. Well, was I wrong. As soon as I started typing on the keys, there they go "bang", "pound", "knock", the slamming of doors and the dropping of heavy things.

I can't take it anymore. I feel like I'm being harassed. It's like walking on egg-shells.

Not only when I'm not on my laptop do my neighbors bang and pound; they will pound very hard on my living room wall at 3 AM it is loud enough that it wakes me up in my bedroom.

I can't speak to these people because almost everyone in my building is russian and speak limited english. I went to the management and they've said they'll take care of it. The ways things still are, I doubt it.

I can't take it.

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Learn how to say "Please be quiet" in Russian!

Yes, in many apartments the walls are so thin you cna hear the neighbors breathing, but that's no reason to start banging on the walls.

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It's probably the sound of the typing. Yes, it can be very loud. My former neighbors told me about how loud my typing was and I was surprised, but then I had someone try it out with me next door and was astounded at how loud it was. So I confined my typing to "normal" hours, and not late at night as I had been doing.

If they are pounding when you are not typing and not making any kind of noise, then they are probably mistaking noise from someone else as being from you. That's something you'll have to complain long and hard about to them and to the management.

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I would go buy a much quieter keyboard-- some are VERY loud through the walls and some are not! Then when you are at home, plug the quiet keyboard into your laptop and use it instead.

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I don't think a laptop could make much noise. If so then your TV must sound like a 747 jet getting ready to land. Boy, people are sensitive.

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