picking between two colors of marmoleum

country_in_the_cityMarch 19, 2011

Hi, I am trying to decide between camel and volcanic ash sheet marmoleum.

Volcanic ash


The space is a walkout basement. The room is approx 20'x12'. It is used as an office/gym. There will be garden zen mural behind the workout equipment http://www.amazon.com/Zen-Garden-Wall-Mural-x138/dp/B000RL88QK and a 7' samurai panel hanging above the desk. http://www.gumps.com/p/warriors-by-the-sea?CatalogCategoryID=

The u shaped desk will be wood with a simple oil finish and Japanese accents such as square hardware for the drawers and square flared legs. similar to the link below.

We are installing can lights in the ceiling.

I initially liked the camel for it's warmth and flow with the rest of the house, which is on a different level. It reminds me of sandstone. As much trouble as I am having picking wall paint, I think it is an easier, safer choice.

Pros for the volcanic ash include the facts that it would look good with the linked mural and the black mats that will be under the workout equipment wouldn't stand out as starkly. I think it would be a more striking choice than the camel. I have no idea what color the walls would be w/the volcanic ash floor, especially considering that we are trying to keep it light.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Here is a link that might be useful: style of desk

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