Trash or treasures

Katrinka_FidoMarch 25, 2011

Tea cup on right-Rosenthal Selb Bavaria mark on btm-mom rec'd as baby gift Dec 1927.(cant find pattern). Left, Japan. Gravyboat, O&E G Royal Austria. Green vase, applied clear handle has no mark. Pink vase, think is depression? Pind & gold trim stand dish has sticker, Made in Roumania (not Romania but RoU) with a pic of stand dish. The blue flowered plate has mark RS Germany. The other mark can't read. Could be a G? IL?ES something something with a crown& crossed somethings above letters. Welcome any feedback on anything. Thanks again.

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Some trash and some treasure.
The teacup on the right a treasure, on the left not so much.
The gravy boat a treasure, particularly for someone who has that pattern and needs a gravy boat.
The green pitcher,looks like souvenier ware and the pink bud vase while depression era is your basic $4 to $5 vase...or less at a garage sale. The footed dish similar.
The 2 plates are hand painted from the era when "ladies" took up china painting. I think they are treasures but you sure won't sell them for much, but they look nice hung or as a plate to serve a few cookies on. At one time I collected a bunch and used then to serve desserts.
As trash goes, it's pretty high class treasure it's pretty poor treasure. Nothing would bring more than $10....well maybe the forget me not plate might bring $20 in a shop.
But all have decorative value and I could find a spot for all in my house.
Linda C

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Dont know why plates pic fell off, but here it is again.

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Fori is not pleased

Your mom's cup is a treasure no matter what it's worth, isn't it? :) Very cute.

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