Water Retention - Please Help!

Sue__WAMarch 15, 2007

My home is 11 years old this summer. Water retention in our crawl space has revealed an awful odor, and I've been told that rodents have invaded our insulation.

Our exterminator has told us that the insulation is "shot" under the house, they have invaded it and they will not continue to trap the rodents if there is water under the house.

I am sick with worry. I have two children here and 3 dogs. The terriers have killed rats in the yard, but obviously this is far beyond their scope.

I know I live in Seattle, but this house was built 11 years ago and for that I expect water retention as part of the plan. Any home warranty that I had was up 8 years ago.

Things are getting bad: My dogs are urinating on the heat intake vents to "mark their spot" and it is almost to the point of unbearable. I come home and my house smells like dog/vermin urine.

Please, if anyone knows how I can fix this problem, please post here. I have two children and this is not a healthy environment.

I want to know:

#1 What to do about the water

#2 The rodents

Please, if you have any knowledge or can pass on any information, I would really really appreciate it!

Thanks, Sue

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You don't mention how much water? Does the crawl space have a concrete floor, commonly called a rat slab? How did the rats get in? Is the grade of the house sloped away from the structure? Are the gutters overflowing next to the house?
You need to find the way the rats got in and seal it. Pump the water out of the crawl space. Pull out all the insulation if it conceals the rodents. Have the exterminating company bait and trap the crawl space. Find the source of the water and stop it from coming in. If you have a dirt floor, pour a concrete slab to discourage visitors.

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