Depression Glass

garlicjimMarch 17, 2012

How do you identify such?

Thanks a bunch.


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Wow!!!! That's a little like saying how do you know a plate when you see it.
Best get thee to a web site where you can familiarize your self with the types of depression glass.....then to a couple of shops where you can perhaps find someone who will point out the differences between a repro and the real thing. But you won't find a repro in anything but the big expensive items like a covered cookie jar.

There is the pale colored glass available in sets....with glasses plates cups and serving pieces. Then there is the kitchen stuff like Fire King and some uranium glass even, and the deep solid colors like ruby red and cobalt blue and the opalescent hobnail stuff....and the elegant depressinn glass stuff....
Just wade in and learn....

Here is a link that might be useful: depression glass

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Okm Then Linda, here's an easy one:

How long is a piece of string (smile).

Actually, I should have asked if there were any markings of any kind on them, We have two bowls that look like depression glass, but aren't sure. They don't have any identification marks on'em.

One is sort of clear gold. It looks like depression era glass on the outside, but the inside is slick as "glass".

Same thing on the other one, except it changes colors as you move it.

They are probably just serving bowls.

Domo Arigato.


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Konichiwa....which is about all the Japanese I can think of.

That stuff that was made in dinner sets and given away in theaters etc, and was pale gold, pale blue, pale pink and pale amber as well as clear was cheaply made and the pattern wouldn't show on the inside.
Not much depression stuff was marked but for the "good stuff" like Hiesey and some Northwood and of course Fire King and some Anchor Hocking pieces.
There was also a lot of "iridescent glass" not the good ole carnival glass, but just slightly iridescent that was sold in the 1960's in places like Woolworth's.
Pictures area good thing!

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