Another what is it: this time, a sort of box

cslambertMarch 17, 2012

Check out the pictures Ideas on what was this used for? It's very oddly shaped. Id almost guess it was a primitive commode, but its just too small. Lid opens on the narrow face. While the front and sides have a bit of eastlake-ish carved decorations the back is plain. Note the square nails. Mortise and tenon construction. Frame of lid is walnut, but the very top panel is pine. Bottom is pine. Front sides and back are all walnut.

I'm guessing 1850-1880ish date wise- Possibly factory made, but construction is kind of inconsistent for that.

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Dough box, compare with the one in link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chester County Dough Box

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Interesting- seems like a good suggestion. Comparably, not much of a flat useable surface on the top, and it also opens on the narrow end as apposed to the wide end. If it is a dough box, it must have been made to fit in a particular space.

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