National Cash Register - Brass (British?)

saintroadMarch 4, 2012

I picked up a National model 235 from a small antique shop in middle of nowhere Mississippi. The register is all there including glass, top, labels on buttons, etc. with brass Fleur De Lis design & marble sill. The denominations are in pounds, shilling, pence (L, s, d).

S/N: 1351082 --- Does any know the approximate value and/or rarity of this type of register, its British type, or anything else about this unit?

Thanks everyone!



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Your machine style (the fleur de lis) is mentioned on this site. It is considered 'fairly common'. It's an interesting read and you may want to check it out. It appears you can get a general idea of value, and the site may have links for a more detailed evaluation since you do have the serial number and model.

NCR has been multinational for some time. It was established in Dayton, Ohio and I even had a cousin who worked for them. I have no clue if it were made in the U.S. and exported, or made in Europe.

Here is a link that might be useful: National Cash Registers

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Yep, found that site. Didn't see anything on it related to the 235 model nor any with British currency. That is really what I still need to know. Thanks so much.

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I can tell you from information on the site it was built between 1919 and 1921. I can tell you that adapting registers to the English monetary system was started in 1885, when an Englishman observed them at an exhibition in Chicago. The model 235 has been manufactured since at least 1907 according to the serial numbers I've seen at various places on the net and I've seen asking prices anywhere from $200 to $7K for the American currency models. They evidently were exported to the U.K. from the Dayton facility and there are NCR brass registers on ebay U.K.'s site, but not your model number. They bring a chunk of change there but most of the models I saw when I Googled it were a bit older. I don't think you'll find easily a whole lot on that particular model without spending some change getting an appraisal. That site did have some cash register collector's clubs, and I don't suppose it would be too hard to find a forum on it and somebody who could fill you in on stuff not easily found just by doing a search online. Good luck.

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Hi.Cash registers like sewing machines/typewriters,have a tendency (due to their weight/building) ,to hang on.Most are heavy,so they lay in some quiet corner and survive.Fun items.But due to their weight and size,value isn't that great

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