Master Bedroom Help!!!

chocodiva05August 7, 2006

I have a bit of a complicated issue. But to wrap up a long story. I had a roommate an he ended up moving out. We change everything into my name and I lived there alone for about three months then i met two girls that needed a roommate they were cool so they ended up moving in. The brought in living room furniture which was nice however all they paid for was there share of the rent I paid my rent, the electric bill, internet for their computer, cable, and was their mode of transportation. Plus they were always late with the rent. Now one of the girls left and we are getting a new roommate and new three bedroom in the same apartment complex. they want to flip a coin for the master but i feel that i am entitled to the master because of the circumastances. Am I wrong?

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Hi Chocodiva05,
I'm a new member and just stumbled across your note which infuriated me. You sound like a really kind person and easily walked on. You sacrifise a lot and deserve at least the comfort and privicy of the master bedroom. Good luck

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My vote, try to find some OTHER roommate situation, bcs there's too much bad blood here. Why stick w/ roommates who take advantage of you and are late w/ the rent.

(though to be honest, you let them do that to you--you should have insisted on a split of the electrical, internet, and cable, and you should have been "too busy" to drive them anywhere. Nobody can take advantage of you like that without your participation. Let this be your impetus to grow a backbone.)

Whoever has the master bedroom may need to pay more rent. Are you prepared to do that? I'd think that if you're the one who'll do all the bookkeeping, you should have the master. Who is going to be on the lease? Who has done most of the work of getting the apartment?

The cable, inernet, and electrical needs to be shared, and you need to speak up.

However--what we think doesn't matter. The real life situation is what counts. You have to work this out with them. Are you willing to walk out over the master bedroom? Then do so.

Maybe they'll agree with you if you are clear about the idea that this is your payback for them taking advantage of you all along. But honestly, I bet they just get snarky about it, and who wants to live w/ that?

otherwise, what will you give up in order to get it? That's the only other way to negotiate with them over it. They obviously feel equal to you in terms of entitlement. Which would make me think they're not going to go along w/ your idea easily.

Good luck w/ the negotiations--and if I were you, I'd be looking for some OTHER housing situation, if only so I could start fresh, w/ someone who hasn't already shown that they'll take advantage of your unwillingness to make a fuss.

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Agree with both above posts and really think you should get a one bedroom for yourself.
Its tough because the new girl never had a chance to pay on time or pick up part of the elec/ cable bill. If she is also responsible she may feel punished for something she hasn't done.

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