It's hot inside!!!

Remodeling_galAugust 12, 2003

I have waited too long to replace my broken window a/c unit and now the heat is on. I'm desperate.

The one I want (whirlpool 8000 BTU) claims to be Whirlpools quietest ever. The problem is no store in Los Angeles carries it. I am going to buy it direct from Whirlpool. Lowes and Home Depot carry the standard 6000 BTU's (and it's slim picking now) but they are all terribly LOUD.

Anyone care to comment on a good a/c unit?

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Ask in the heating and air conditioning forum ... your chances are better.

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Not really, the majority of topics in that section has to do with central air conditioning questions. (I do my research). Who's more likely to have experience with "window air conditioning" than apt. dwellers?

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I can't help w/ any personal experiences, but there is also an "appliances" forum, though they may not help either. Consumer Reports is always good if you can get to the library.

The one comment I have about window AC is that in a few homes I've seen an in-window installation that covers the gap w/ clear Plexiglas or Lucite, which is a really nice touch. Our installation has an insulation panel w/ a shiny pebbled white surface;looks tidy and everything, but that extra clear area would be really nice!

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I have an old Sears AC that sounds like the ocean roaring through the house. It's built into the wall and I can't wait till it dies a peaceful death and I can get something more quiet. At least it keeps things cool.

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Another vote for Consumer Reports. They always include which units are the most quiet!

Good luck in finding the perfect one just for you! It's out there!

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