50+ yr old glass ashtray; trying to ID

gracie01March 16, 2011

I've looked high & low trying to identify this ashtray that belonged to my parents. I believe the top is brass. Don't know where to look next. TIA

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You want the maker?

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Looks to me to be a nice old satin glass rose bowl that someone put an ash tray in the top of.
I think the only "ash tray" thing is the top part.....the glass is something else. The color and thea ge makes me think perhaps Fenton, but I don't know that Fenton ever used a polished pontil bottom.
Is there a mark on the ashtray?
I think the glass is older ( and nicer) than the ashtray.
Linda C

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ideefixe, I'd like all info I can find.

Linda, you may be right, but this is how my parent always used it.

Can anyone recommend a place to search?

Thank to you both.

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Just google images for say green glass footed rose bowl....and keep scrolling. Then try satinglass rose bowl, then, footed glass and metal ashtray, then glass and metal footed ashtray....
Keep varying your words.,....and scrolling!
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: similar piece

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OMG Lindac, that's it! Still would like to know who made it though. I'll watch that auction. Thanks.

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Well now that we know it's a Greek key design....there is another word to put into search.

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OK, I posted this on the ebay discussion forum, and someone found it in a book "collector's guide to ashtrays". It is indeed an ashtray; apparently some company bought the glass part from an unknown glass co. and put their top on it.

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