Please help me, I am totally new at Apartments!

the_shortnessJuly 20, 2006

Hi! I am Ali, and I am currently living in San Antonio Texas, but I due to some uncontrollable things I have to move to Lawton, Oklahoma on August 10th.

Its pretty much something that JUST now popped up! And as you can imagine, this is not something easy to handle, especially seeing that I have never lived in an apartment before.

I looked ahead a little and found some apartments there that I could stay in, but I can't find any other information exept the phone number for the place. I don't care what the place is like as long as I can stay there for at least 6 weeks and I can get in by the 10th and its not overly expensive.

I only have enough money to pay for the apartment and my needs to live (food and the like), and ONE drive up there on the 10th of August.

So you can see where I am having a lot of trouble!

I was just hoping someone could give me some advice and maybe let me know what I am going to need to get an apartment.

Thanks a lot!


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I don't know how big Lawton is, which means it's probably not big enough for what I was going to suggest--and that's a youth hostel or something.

If you were moving to NYC, I'd suggest you get a room at the YMCA on the upper west side, and use it as a base while you figure out what to do, where you can afford to live, whether you'll be there longer, etc.

But those sorts of "single room occupancy" places, or youth hostels, aren't very common--they're usually only in large cities. Or, if they're present in smaller cities, they're kinda skeevy, bcs some of the folks in them will be people who can't get it together quite for unpleasant reasons. (though if you can find one, it might be

But, you might call the Chamber of Commerce and ask if there's any sort of residence hotel in town, or if they've got any ideas about finding a roommate situation.

and had a share available for $230/month--most folks would rather have someone they know will be around for a while, but they might be able to work with you.

If you've got any connection w/ someone in the Army at Fort Sill, they might be able to help you find something--I don't know if anyone lives off post, but if they do, there might be an Army-run housing list of some sort.

I know I stayed for a while ON post in not-too-expensive housing bcs my Army brother signed me up; I don't know if that would work.You'd have to have an Army person to speak for you.

To get an apartment on your own (or even as a roommate), you need proof of an income source--in other words, a job, or someone WITH a job who will co-sign for you (in other words to legally commit that they will pay the rent if you can't).

Here is a link that might be useful:, a 1BR in Lawton for $230

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6 weeks??? Perhaps look at living in a hotel. Many have weekly rates. It might be slightly higher than an apartment but if its only 6 weeks you wont have to move your belongings or clean. If its permanet it still may be smart to rent a hotel room for a week or two and find an apartment then. Good Luck!

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