Round Top Antiques Festival

kitchendetectiveMarch 30, 2010

Just an FYI:

The Round Top, Texas, Antiques Festival starts today and runs through April 3, for anyone contemplating attending. For those traveling through South Central Texas and not wanting to attend, consider avoiding the Warrenton/Round Top area altogether for the next several days. It's always a madhouse.

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Have a glass of wine in the little wine shop in round top for me :) DH and I always stop when driving through.

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Have gone to both the spring and fall show, but won't be going again this year. I've found the prices to be totally over-inflated, and many items being passed off as antique or vintage. The guy selling the Swedish 'antiques' was probably one of the highest, but i'm thinking he was in Warrenton, not too far from Round Top. I find it more frustrating than enjoyable. Visiting shops in small surrounding towns of Austin gives me more bang for my buck.

I sell in a local antique mall in Austin(Round Rock)and have talked to other vendors about the show, and they agree. None of them make the trek as it's not worth the time or money to even make a purchase for their own home, let alone their space/booth. ;o)

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You can say hello to my DD, RedNeck Chic, in front of Zapp Hall! She is really enjoying the show !!

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Is it a general collectibles show or is it actually antiques?

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It's an "everything imaginable" show, from autoclaves to zebra stripes!! I usually spend my time looking at miles of dishes and silverware, but we have bought everything from woodworking equipment to antique linens. Even an old sugar mold that I made into a candle holder. A year or two later we found the silver plate sugar snippers, so if I want to "mold" sugar I'll have something to serve it with!

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It sounds sort of like Brimfield. Everything that one can get as long as you don't give up looking. Friends set up at Brimfield, and they don't carry your everyday dusty collectible stuff!

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A great event if you are into collecting antiques. Different world class piece of antiques all over the world can be found here. Unfortunately we missed this event and we were aware of this event on its last day already. I will definitely look forward on the next event to come. I hope I will not miss the next festival and hoping that they will host it in the state where I live or probably just near me.

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