old handwoven (not knotted) wool rug--id?

mahatmacat1March 26, 2014

Hi folks,

Long time no see...I'm writing because maybe someone here recognizes this rug, where it's from, the approx date, etc...there's wear esp. on one side, the fringe is all gone but the colors are so bright. Does it ring a bell for anyone? I can post closeups if anyone wants...TIA!

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Looks like a vintage rag rug. My mother would cut old wool items into strips and roll into balls which she saved until she had enough for a rug, then take to someone with a loom who would weave them into a throw rug. These lasted forever and were pretty common back in the 30's, 40's etc. Maybe earlier.My mother was still using some of hers when she died at 90 in 1989.
Yours might have used new wool since the colors are so symmetrical.
Check eBay for many that still survive.

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To me, it has a Peruvian look to the weave.

Here is a link that might be useful: Has a texture like this rug...

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