Beer can collection

jjaazzyMarch 22, 2014

My husband has a beer can collection from his teens. Most of it is Tin. We live in Florida. Would like to know the proper way to protect them from rusting. I was thinking mineral oil. I found one site that said Lacquer but said it could mar the paint. Another that said wax them, but that doesn't take care of the insides. And would take forever. They may not be worth anything but he has had them so long they might.. Figured I would come in here and ask the experts. Thoughts?

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These people may be able to help you as I have no idea what would work for you. I just take all my empty cans to recycling!! :) mfrog

Here is a link that might be useful: Brewery collectibles club

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The alunimun cans do not need protecting except to keep them away from salts. Keep them dry and they should be ok. Do not store them in papers and cardboard bearing acid - use achival acid-free materials.

I doubt if any of the cans are 100% tin. Some old cans could be tin plated steel, and the tin plate may be on the inside olny. If so, the steel side will need protection. Ask collectors what they do.

(By the way, I got a garbage bag full of beer cans collected by my son back in the 1970s. He has no interest and I want to get rid of those.)

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