'Dip and strip' paint removal for furniture - good or bad idea?

jlc102482March 26, 2012

I have an Eastlake parlor table that some clever individual decided to paint brown instead of refinishing. It's structurally sound and in good shape, other than the horrible brown paint. I'm quite certain that trying to strip the paint myself is something I wouldn't have the time, patience or expertise for. It's a typically intricate table with lots of incised woodwork, turnings, etc. and I think stripping it by hand might be insane. Is taking this table to a professional for a "dip and strip" treatment something I should consider? I've heard both good and bad things about this method.

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Look for a stripper who uses the flow-over technique. Not the old-fashioned, destructive caustic (lye) dip.
Flow over uses a regular solvent type stripping chemical and a basin to capture the overflow as it is gently pumped over the piece. The chemical is filtered and recirculated and it does the best job of getting everything off without damaging the wood or the veneer and glue joints.

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But first find some one who has used the strip place you are thinking of.
You really can do it...I have....If it's oak, it's harder as the paint may get into the grain. But if you can afford it....hire it done.

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Wonderful, thank you both for your help.

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